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爱的蜜方 Love Actually Recap Ep 18-20

爱的蜜方 Love Actually Recap ep 18
This episode starts off very well, in contrast to what we’ve seen so far. Xiao Xiao pretty much conveniently moves in when Hao Feng moves out. She’s so hilarious. So cute. Singing loudly and trying to do anything to work with Li yang. She’s so amusing. I like when she calls him dumb. The way she convinced Mr. Chen was so hilarious. Omg, Li Yang is cracking his knuckles. No domestic violence against my Xiao Xiao!

Awkward moment when Hao Feng and Xiao Xia see each other. Both talk about his father but it’s apparent they want to hug! Should have let him talk first! She says she’ll take care of Mr. Chen so don’t worry. She says Yuan Guang and she are happy when he asks how about her. Fake. :(! She wants to cry. He looks back! He still loves her! She looks back. She still loves him! Wah! Idiots. Time for some Xiao Xiao to bring some intelligence.

She thanks Hao Feng for going away and giving her happiness lol!  Go go go! Li yang and Xiao Xiao’s bickering is so cute funny and fiesty. Love it! She wants to kill and love him lol at the same time. Her martial arts move is so funny! Aw he dismisses Xiao Xiao when Xiao Xia comes :(. So much so that I think even Xiao Xiao knows something is up. Flashbacks come and we want Hao Feng and Xiao Xia back together again!!! Wah!

Hao Feng is doing everything to keep himself busy and pretty much away from Xiao Hui.  Li Yang’s mother is being a stalker again.  Xiao Hui and Hao Feng go out but it’s so sad. He looks dead. Hao Feng and Xiao Hui get drunk and he mistakens her for Xiao Xia. Dude has a drinking problem. Go calm yourself, fool. Man is he in love with Xiao Xia or what!! Damn. He’s starts seeing things.

In his drunken haze, Hao Feng ends up confessing all his feelings for Xiao Xia to Xiao Hui. It’s really sad; it’s like when Li yang kisses Xiao Xiao, lol! It’s sad! He even kisses Xiao Hui thinking it’s Xiao Xia!!!! And the kiss is good too! And again there is some creeper taking pictures of the kiss. I swear, every kiss is ruined someway, somehow!!! Ugh and we find out who’s doing it too! Li Yang’s momma! But why!??

Hao Feng wakes up from a hangover and has now accidentally slept with Xiao Hui -_-!!! And he’s freaking out! And her hair is ironically perfect -_-!! But dang he starts flipping out! Rightfully so though, since he thiught he was with Xiao Xia.

Meanwhile Xiao Xiao notices that Li yang is getting really close with Xiao Xia and it’s hurting her so much that she leaves. Xiao Xia explains she just thinks of Li yang as a little brother and that it’s impossible for anything to happen between them so chill.

Xiao Hui really needs to let go of the past. It’s sad. She keeps thinking Hao Feng is the same person he was before, but he’s changed so much and his plans have also changed. He’s not ready to marry her and his dream has changed. He walks by himself and sees Xiao Xia( the real one lol) and they just talk about his dream and how he’s achieving it and how’s the family. Gosh, this is the perfect time to drink Hao Feng -_-!!

Sigh! They seem so comfortable and easy going even though they want each other so badly. Laughing and smiling. Too bad, they say their goodbyes and that’s it. They both look like they want to cry!!! Huhuhu!! Episode ends with Xiao Hui buying a ring.

爱的蜜方 Love Actually Recap ep 19
The next day, Xiao Xiao is back happy to work hehe! She’s doing her best to stick with Li Yang, but gets stuck with Mr. Chen to watch Hao Feng’s dreams come true. It’s so awesome for the father to see his son’s dream come to life.

Meanwhile Xiao xia and Li Yang take care of the restaurant, but something bad happens to Xiao Xia and she faints. She says her vision is not good and it might be because she’s tired. Li Yang helps her recover and asks her if she still loves Hao Feng. She says no and gives Hao Feng and Xiao Hui her blessing. So Li Yang asks if she’s open to another love, to which she says yes. She faints again, but this time, he catches her. Xiao Xiao comes and sees them in an embrace and becomes heartbroken. Xiao xia quickly pushes him away, and goes into the restroom unsure about her health conditions.

Xiao Xiao yells at Li yang and asks what is going on. He tells her that Hao Feng and Xiao Xia are really over and that he’s ready to make his move. She of course now wants to kill him. I approve. I dislike when xiao xiao is unhappy.

Xiao Hui has set up a surprise engagement party and all I’m saying is it’s gonna blow up in her face. Li Yang is trying to get Yuan Guang to be on his side when he courts Xiao Xia by bribing him with movie tickets. He asks Yuan Guang to choose a third person and he chooses Xiao Xiao!! Then he asks him to choose his favorite person and he chooses Mr. Chen lol!!!! He calls him out and says to invite Xiao Xia and of course when Xiao Xiao finds out she’s super mad and tries to hit him. But he’s the boss of hers so she has to listen to him. She cries because he’s bullying her.

Meanwhile, in his new restaurant, Hao Feng feels that the vibe is different from his family restaurant. He feels there is a lack of blissfulness here even though the food is superior. He wants to change the concept, but Xiao Hui is against it. She says that the restaurant is better than his fathers because it’s more upscale. Of course Hao Feng is offended. It might be the first time Xiao Hui has seen the new Hao Feng.

However, that doesn’t stop her from asking him to marry her. It’s all about her past dream. Get over it! It ain’t gonna happen. When a lady and her son come in during closing time, just when she’s about to propose, Hao Feng agrees to let them stay. When they order she’s quite rude and says that they don’t have enough money to pay for the meal.

Hao Feng sees how badly she treats the customers, which is why he becomes enraged. She finally asks the lady to leave since they don’t have enough money. Hao Feng interrupts and let’s them eat. After that fiasco, he tells Xiao Hui that she’s cold and unfeeling. She tries to explain herself but it doesn’t work. Finally he opens up about his new dream. It has nothin to do with her vision. Xiao hui still has hope for them and asks him to marry her, but they no longer share the same dream. It’s so awkward when her friends pop out and tell them to kiss, because it ain’t gonna happen!! He finally understands what his new dream is and it doesn’t involve her. He says he’s sorry and leaves her in tears.

Li yang forces xiao xiao to go out and xiao xiao even asks him why he picks on her and it’s because she picks on him. Lol!! Good stuff. Yuan Guang gets picked up by Hao Feng and they talk a bit about what’s going on. Yuan Guang says his aunt misses Hao Feng  a lot and asks him to come back home and he says he could but Yuan Guang has to promise him something that he’s not able to tell.

爱的蜜方 Love Actually Recap ep 20

Sigh, we are at episode 20 and I’m still watching! It’s all good. Seems like Xiao Hui is in trouble with her job and she becomes distraught. She calls up Hao Feng to talk things over. He explains that he can’t be with her. He can’t be the person she wants him to be. Again she’s living in the past. She needs to move on. She keeps saying that she’s waited for him for so long but she’s been waiting for the old Hao Feng, the one who loved her. He says he did, but now he only sees her as a friend. She slaps him (and it’s a good one too! Damn, this drama and it’s effects are good!) and she says she hates him and leaves. The music is pretty epic too lol. She gets drunks and says it’s taken them 10 years to get where they are and now he doesn’t want her.

Yuan Guang tries to set up his aunt to a secret outing, and Li Yang is trying to get Yuan Guang to help him out as well. However Xiao Xiao is in the way. So much so that when Li Yang is talking to Yuan Guang and giving him signs(winks) to help him, she teases him. But it’s her own bad, when she trips and kisses Li yang!! So funny when Yuan Guang is trying to cover Xiao Xia’s eyes and says don’t look and just leave.

Oh man Li Yang and Xiao Xiao’s smashed faces look hilarious! Of course they bicker about it until he leaves. When Yuan Guang finally reaches the amusement park we see a familiar scene. A sudden voice calls out for Yuan Guang and Xiao Xia realizes it’s Hao Feng. Yuan Guang says he knows thy must have a lot to talk about (stuff he doesn’t understand and doesn’t want to understand lol)so he tells Xiao Xia to give him money to buy food lol!

They talk and basically they get back together. They share a hug in the middle of the amusement park. Is it plausible for her to take him back so easily? Meh,..

Li Yang buys tickets for him and Xiao Xia somewhere near a river while Xiao Xiao stalks him. Seems as though he thinks Yuan Guang has set him up with Xiao Xia but it’s not what it seems. He waits for her but Xiao Xiao has had enough. She tells him to stop waiting and that Xiao Xia isn’t coming. He says not to care about him, but she says she’s known him for so long that she cares for him and that Xiao Xia loves Hao Feng. He says that Xiao Xia must have a reason and it must be because Xiao Xiao told her not to come. :(!!!

At home, Hao Feng wants to come back and asks his dad for permission. Yuan Guang basically takes over and says of course he can come back. Xiao Xia welcomes him back home and Hao Feng gives her a hug. But, when Li Yang comes home and sees this, he immediately grabs Hao Feng and asks why is he back.

He’s so overcome with emotion that Hao feng has to punch him in the face. Li Yang decides to leave this household and his father immediately faints. He tells Hao Feng to look for Li Yang.

Both Hao Feng and Xiao Xiao go out to look for him while Xiao Xiao calls her father and tells him she can’t find Li Yang. Li yang ends up drinking himself drunk. He says to himself, his dad always favors Hao Feng and it’s not fair to him. He wonders why the world hates him :(!!!!!

He gets into a fight with three guys and gets beaten up. Why do we get to see Li Yang get beaten up but not Hao Feng? The world really is unfair! Lol. But his mother comes at the end…oh, what is she up to? Xiao Xiao scolds at Xiao Xia for causing all this so Xiao Xia feels responsible for it too.

When Li Yang wakes up, he is with his mother but he doesn’t know it. She’s also dressed homely, unlike every other time we’ve seen her. Putting up a front, this woman!! He tells her he has no family so he’s got know place to go. She says she’s got nobody as well, but hints that she might have a close relative.

The family is still looking for Li Yang, but have no luck so far. Everyone blames themselves for his leaving but his father seems to be taking it the worse, saying he’s never really treated Li Yang good enough.

Xiao Xiao is also busy trying to find Li Yang too. She scolds her dad for not finding him but soon gets a call from Li Yang! She’s happy, but still yells at him for scaring her. She asks when is he coming home. He says don’t worry, he’s okay but he’s not coming home. He tells her to tell his family that he’s okay but he’s not coming home. She’s says to come to her house so at least she can take care of him and he acknowledges that she’s been the most caring to him. He apologizes to her. Cute!!!! They have a moment! He suddenly hangs up on her without saying where he is, but she’s happy that he’s thankful for her.

Xiao Xiao goes to the Chen household and tells Xiao Xia what Li Yang told her. When she’s done, she immediately leaves. The episode ends with Hao Feng and Xiao Xia talking about Li Yang being okay.


6 comments on “爱的蜜方 Love Actually Recap Ep 18-20

  1. BeyonceCIA (@joliebeyonce)
    September 9, 2012

    taking him back was too easy for me.great read

    • wootness
      September 10, 2012

      It was a little too easy for me as well, but then again I don’t understand a lot of the dialog so maybe there was something lost in translation. I’ll have to go back to check once Viki has subbed the series. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  2. Aroma
    September 10, 2012

    Thanks for recaps of episode .Offcourse HF must have said something before Xiao Xia takes him back so easily since she was the one pushing him away from her so that he can fulfill his dream.Thanks for recap the series i love this series.

    • wootness
      September 10, 2012

      Thanks for commenting! Yeah, I agree with you. There must have been something he said, but it was her decision to let him follow his dream so taking him back wouldn’t have been a difficult decision. To me, I thought there should have been some more emotional struggle though, but meh, it’s all good as long as they are all happy. Xiao Xia tends to be very forgiving.

  3. Aroma
    September 11, 2012

    I think we got habit of seeing this melodramatic or little dramatic scenes when BF comes back the couple don’t get back so easily so it feels weird but Xiao Xio let him free to decide for himself rather then pressuring him to stay with her.They are playing mature characters so i can see them behaving like one too.That what i love about this series its not over the top or too dramatic its simple and sweet with good acting and few characters.With nice small restaurant.Your recaps helps a lot love reading it .

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