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Love Actually Recap Ep 21-23(Spoilers)

So who’s still watching and who’s so frustrated they want to quit lol! Don’t be! It’s still so good. Here’s the recaps for episode 21-23. Again I must warn that there are major spoilers! Like before, I was able to recap the same time as watching the drama so everything is pretty much my first immediate reaction.

爱的蜜方 Love Actually Recap Ep 21

The episode starts with a phone call from school about Yuan Guang, so Xiao Xia walks over to the school but bumps into Xiao Hui who is pretty much hell bent on revenge. Xiao Hui blames her for everything and ends up slapping Xiao Xia, which is ridiculous because it’s less her fault than it is her own.

Yuan Guang comes home and talks to Hao Feng about his problems. Apparently it’s about Li Yang and that he also feels responsible for his leaving. Sigh, doesn’t Li Yang know he’s so loved by everyone. Hao Feng talks to Xiao Xia and Xiao Xia blames herself for everyone’s unhappiness. These people need to be more selfish lol. Always blaming themselves. Well everyone besides Xiao Hui. She needs to take some of the responsibility too. Hao Feng pretty much says either way, he’ll always be with Xiao Xia. They have an awkward embrace and he explains that no matter what, she should trust him. At the hospital, Mr. Chen talks to the doctor about his health. Doesn’t seem to be good news.

Li yang seems to be okay with his mother so far, even though he doesn’t know it’s her. He makes her food and she can see how wonderful he’s grown up to be. But it’s too bad she’s putting up a front. Seems as though she really had a horrible past.

Mr. Chen gives something to Xiao Xia just in case something happens to him. He still doesn’t want to say anything to his sons. She tells him she’s never really had a mother or father and he’s the closest thing to a parent she has. He tells her that she’s a special person and they’ll be okay without him.

The editing is getting on my nerves. It keeps switching. Back to Li yang. His mother starts crying because she’s so touched that she has her son back. It’s so cute how he says to his mother that if she loves to eat, he’ll cook for her. She admits that she has a son, but can’t say that it’s him. She says that she can’t be with her son because her husband gave him up. She’s been looking for him for a long time. He asks to have her as a mother because he’s never had one and she becomes so overwhelmed. Damn she screwed this up royally! It’s going to suck when he finds out she really is his mother. He says from now on, he’ll take care of her. Aw!!! Li yang, why so cute!!!!

Back in the restaurant, Hao Feng talks to himself about finally understanding what it means to have a great restaurant. He vows to make his father happy. He talks to Xiao Xia and they share a sweet moment together. Meanwhile, Li Yang’s mother tells him to go home for some strange reason but he says he will come back for sure. We find out that she’s seriously up to no good!

Xiao Xiao calls the restaurant from outside instead of coming in. She talks to Hao Feng and asks if Li Yang is there. He says no but asks why she hasn’t been there as well. She fakes an excuse and hangs up. She spots Li Yang behind her and immediately hugs him. Aw what a cutie! Of course the mother is stalking him. -_-! Xiao Xiao spots his injuries but he says it’s nothing. He says there was a nice auntie who helped him and now he treats her as a mother. They go into the restaurant and talk to the family. They says their apologies to each other one by one. It’s all too corny! Bah it’s not anyone’s own fault!!! Geez -_-!

Xiao Xiao also apologizes to Xiao Xia an everything is pretty good, but we know something big is going to happen. Sigh. Li Yang mother reminisces about her past, having a drunk husband and having Li yang stripped from her by Mr. Chen. It’s sad but she’s still creepy.

In the house, Mr. Chen asks Li Yang where has he been and he says a friends place. Xiao xiao catches this lie but says nothing. He feels bad for his new mother because she’s so lonely where the Chen family is so big now and so happy. Li yang talks to Hao Feng outside. Hao Feng says he has indeed treated everyone unfairly; Xiao Xia, Xiao Hui and Li Yang. But he wants him to understand that no matter what they are family and he is his brother. Li Yang says he’s wrong too.

爱的蜜方 Love Actually Recap Ep 22

Xiao Xia and Hao Feng talk on the balcony about how Li Yang has changed. They talk about why Li Yang wants to leave so suddenly. Xiao Xia thinks it’s probably her fault some how, but Hao Feng discourages the idea. They a sweet moment saying they won’t leave each other.

Li Yang talks to Xiao Xia, about the changes that Hao Feng has made to the restaurant. They also talk about what happened between Xiao Hui and Hao Feng but they stop before talking about their own personal feelings toward each other.

The next day comes and everything is back to where it was before Li yang left. They get an order and Li Yang wants to be the one to deliver it. Xiao Xia thinks it’s a new girlfriend and says Xiao Xiao will be mad, but Li Yang insists it’s just a auntie.

He goes back to the village where his mother is and he gives her food and tries to give her money but she won’t accept. So he takes her to a really nice restaurant instead, but she takes him to another place because the first place looked to expensive.

Xiao Xiao goes to restaurant looking for Li Yang but Xiao Xia tells her he’s out with a platonic friend. Of course Xiao Xiao is suspicious, but realizes it’s with the aunty he’s met. She also realizes that she’s the only one he told, but she ends up telling Xiao Xia and Yuan Guang that he’s with his new “mother”. Mr. Chen later reprimands her about not telling them earlier. Mr. Chen asks if she has seen the auntie or knows where she lives, but she says no. He’s of course suspicious.

Li Yang tells his new mother that he can really feel that she is his mother and that it’s a feeling he’s never had. She’s more than touched. He really thinks that she feels real and i think she’s starting to feel like her plan is going to blow up in her face. He leaves but it starts raining so he heads back to her place. He says to come home with her but she refuses. Of course she’s in a bad situation because she now has to face the Chen family again.

He takes her home and Mr. Chen immediately recognizes her and says why he brought her there. Li Yang talks about how nice she is and then Xiao Xiao has a flashback to when she saw a photo of Li Yang’s Mother!!!

Xiao Xiao tells Li Yang that the aunty is really his mother and the mother keeps up the facade saying that she finally met her son. She points to Mr. Chen and says look carefully, Li yang, he’s not your father! Oh god it’s too epic. She says Li Yang’s father is dead and if it wasn’t for Mr. Chen, she wouldn’t have been separated from Li Yang.

She tries to make Mr. Chen admit that he’s the one lying and keeps telling Li Yang that Mr. Chen is not his father. She calls Li Yang to leave and he does so, which of course causes another fainting from Mr. Chen. After catching up with his mother, Li Yang is sad but she keeps hugging him.  Mr. Chen is admitted to the hospital.

At the village, his mother gives Li Yang a picture of his real father and explains what happened to him and why he was taken away. Apparently his father died from drunk driving and it’s been 20 years since she’s last been with Li Yang. He says but for so long, Mr. Chen has treated him so well, as if he was family. Of course the mother tries to persuade him to be with her. Oh god, she’s such a crazy manipulator.

At the hospital, Hao Feng and Xiao Xia get bad news. Xiao Xiao is at home with Yuan Guang, trying to cheer him up, when she gets a phone call from Hao Jie! She tells him that his father is at the hospital and he runs home. He now understands why his father gave him money.

Xiao Xia admits to Hao Feng that she’s known all along about his fathers illness and that she didn’t say anything because Mr. Chen told her not to. She says she’s so sorry for everything she’s done to the family, but Hao Feng tells her it’s not her fault.

Hao Jie comes to the hospital and asks why he didn’t know anything. He starts blaming himself for putting his father through everything and asks Hao Feng how’s their father doing. Hao Feng says it’s not good. Hao Jie finally understands all the wrongs he’s done to the family and to his father and begs for his father to wake up. Hao Jie tells Hao Feng and Xiao Xia to go home, to let him take care of Mr. Chen so they leave. At home, they talk about what has happened to Li Yang.

Li Yang, is left to think about whats happened. He’s unsure what to make of his situation and doesn’t know who’s telling the truth or who he is at the moment. He gets a call from Xiao Xiao, but the scene is cut to show the anguish between the family. Hao Feng has to send away customers again because of what happened. He says he will take responsibility from now on.

Li Yang gets another call from Xiao Xiao and this time picks up. He tells her he’s with his mother. She wants to pick hm up but he says nothing. She ends up going to the village and it’s pretty hilarious since she’s rich and she’s examining how poorly Li Yang’s mother lives lol. Her facial expressions are so funny.

She sees Li Yang and runs to him. They talk about his parents. He tells her to take care of his mother while he heads over to talk to his father. While she’s there, Xiao Xiao introduces herself to the mother. They talk about Mr. Chen a bit and Xiao Xiao says Li Yang has been living well under Mr. Chen’s watch. But his mother tries to convince Xiao Xiao to take her side.

Li Yang goes home and finds out his fathers in the hospital. Hao Feng tries to talk to him about his situation. Li Yang admits that he doesn’t exactly understand anything at the moment.

爱的蜜方 Love Actually Recap Ep 23

Omg these last few episodes have been tough to watch. So much drama.

Li Yang’s mother tries to manipulate Xiao Xiao to dislike Mr. Chen, by saying she’s a good friend to Li Yang so she shouldn’t trust the Chen’s so much. Then she asks for Xiao Xiao’s help. She fakes some tears and asks for her to help Li Yang. Ugh… So much manipulation!!

Xiao Xia visits the hospital an talks to Hao Jie. He apologizes to her for putting her through everything: from saying she’s his fiancé til now. He says Hao Feng needs her the most so please take of him. Then he leaves.

Hao Jie talks to Hao Feng and asks what’s going on with Li Yang. Hao Feng reiterates what’s been going on and Hao Jie is enraged that some woman is pretending to be Li Yang’s mother. Xiao Xiao comes back and Hao Jie goes after Li Yang. He says he wants to talk to his “mother”. He finds the mother, and tells her off. She says this has nothing to do with him, but he stands his ground and speaks on the behalf of his father and says that he’s been more than a father than she has been a mother. He spouts something offensive and Hao Jie slaps her in the face. Whoa go big brother Hao Jie!!!

Of course Li Yang is upset by this and protects her but Hao Jie tells him that this is not his mother. Hao Jie slaps her a second time and Hao Feng comes to break the fight;  in other words does nothing. Hao Jie threatens Li Yang that if he stays they are no longer family. Li Yang says he doesn’t care about him anymore, and Hao Feng is left in the middle. He leaves, and smirk arises on Li Yang’s mothers face. She’s such a manipulator!!

Hao Feng catches up to Hao Jie an tells him that he told him to be rational, but Hao Jie just couldn’t be. He says this woman is trying to tear his family apart of course he can’t be calm. I think the investigator is going to come back into Hao Feng. Back at the village, Li Yang’s mother is trying to convince Li Yang to be by her side. Xiao Xia decides to talk to Li Yang. It seems as though Li Yang has made his decision to stay with his mother because the Chen’s lied to him. She goes home and talks to Hao Feng.

Xiao Xiao is in a predicament as well, whether to trust Li Yang’s mother or not. Seems as though she’s been manipulated. Xiao Xia tells Hao Feng that Xiao Xiao can no longer work for them so it’s up to them to work for the restaurant. They go out and buy groceries.

Li Yang on the other hand finds out the his mother actually isn’t as poor as she says she is, but brushes it off.

At the hospital, Yuan Guang promises to Mr. Chen that when he wakes them he’ll tell him a good story like he always had, and Xiao Xia and Hao Feng both promise something as well. At home, they find that Hao Jie is back. He offers an apology and his help. Hao Feng says he’ll take care of everything here with Xiao Xia and Hao Jie says thank you. He goes to the hospital and talks with his father. He says he’s failed so many times but this time, there’s no way he’s going to lose.

At home, Hao Feng and Xiao Xia are taking care of the restaurant by themselves but seem to have everything under control. Suddenly Xiao Hui comes along and faints in front of them. They take care of her and Xiao Xia and Xiao Hui talk. Xiao Hui is sorry for treating her badly; for everything she’s said and done. Xiao Hui seems to be in trouble, so Xiao Xia says if she still thinks of her as a friend, Xiao Hui should open up.

Xiao Hui says it’s been so hard without Hao Feng and goes to the restroom to throw up. Uh oh…

Xiao Xia talks to Hao Feng about how pitiful Xiao Hui is and wants to help her. She takes her to the hospital and finally we find out that Xiao Hui is pregnant. Omg this is too cray! Xiao Hui says she’s going to leave and not bother Hao Feng by keeping her pregnancy a secret from him. Xiao Xia says it’s going to be very hard for Xiao Hui and to rethink her decision. Xiao Hui asks Xiao Xia to promise never to tell Hao Feng. Uh… Dumb. Holy crap this secret is going to blow up in everyone’s faces sooner or later >_<!! I’m going to prepare myself by making this face >____<!!!!!

Back at home, Xiao Xia contemplates about keeping the secret. She asks Hao Feng how he feels about children and he says he likes them. He also says it’s also a mans responsibility to keep a family happy.

She’s agrees to keep Xiao Hui’s secret but is so depressed by the idea. Xiao Hui gets a flashback to the day where Hao Feng and she were drunk. Apparently when they were making love, he called out Xiao Xia’s name and saying he loved her. Oooo shady!!! Apparently they never did it and the pregnancy is all a fake!! It’s all Li Yang’s mothers idea to fake the pregnancy !!!! Sigh!!! This drama is too good! Lol! Oh poor Hao Feng, poor Xiao Xia.

The episode ends with Xiao Xiao helping out Li Yang. She asks If he hates the Chen family, he says no but he’s mad for treating his mother the way they have. Xiao Xiao admits that his mother told her not to work for the Chen family,  and Li Yang gets pissed.

Li Yang questions his mother. He says this is his business not hers. She says she’s trying to help Xiao Xiao but Li Yang is adamant.

And the episode ends with Xiao Hui faking the pregnancy in front of Xiao Xia. She gets her trust and let’s Xiao Xia do all her chores. She falls in front of Hao Feng and Xiao Xia sees. I think her unhappiness is about to resurface again. Uuuuuuugggghhhh!!!!


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