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Ultimate BROmance: Joe and His Friendships

Last time I talked about Joe and his onscreen romances. Now it’s time to delve into his friendships. Throughout the years, Joe has worked with a lot of people, and made a lot of friendships. The relationships actually remind me of seven degrees of Kevin Bacon lol. Here are my top favorite bromances.

1) Friend of a Friend… Till That One Day- Eddie Peng

Before Joe worked on Honey and Clover, I’m not sure if Joe had much interaction with Eddie, other than Eddie being buddies with their mutual friend Ethan Ruan. However, once filming started, they became inseparable. On interviews, they responded to each other as if they had known each other for years (well, perhaps they did and we never knew about it). They were supportive of each other when they both released EPs and not surprisingly, are both under the same record label.

2) The Lonely Friend- Shin

Shin and Joe first collaborated in the drama Summer X Summer, which Joe played the lead male.  Joe also had to sing a part in the OST. Needless to say, they bonded during those times. Afterwards they would collaborate once more in Honey and Clover. They have had a very special friendship over the years, so much so that Shin called Joe his only friend in the entertainment industry a while back. He said Joe always told the truth.

3) Buddies from afar- Danson and Jiro

Is it surprising that I put these two up here? It shouldn’t be since both Jiro and Danson have worked with Joe more than once.  Joe and Danson had known each other since their Nine-ball days and starred in two more T-dramas together. As we all know, Jiro was in both ISWAK and TKA. I wouldn’t necessarily say that Danson, Jiro and Joe have a bromance going on, but they seem like they’re close outside of work. I’ve seen several pictures of the three boys together in a group. Perhaps they have a clique going on that I’ve never realized before. Recently, Jiro and Danson have been seen celebrating Joe’s bday.

4) Old Buddy- Dylan Guo

It’s definitely been a long time since I’ve seen Joe hang out with Dylan, but then again, I haven’t seen Joe in a long time. I don’t know when they first met, but I first saw them together when they were presenters for an award show back in the mid 2000’s. They were both active models back then so perhaps they bonded over that. Not sure if they’re close now.

5) The Three Musketeers- Mike and Ethan

Joe, Mike and Ethan have been friends since they’ve started out as models. Back when I first saw ISWAK and Devil Beside You, I was going crazy knowing that Joe and Mike were best friends in real life.  Then I realized they had another friend in Ethan to round up this hilarious trio. Ah, those were the days. They were so immature, yet they would make me laugh at how stupid and loud they were in interviews (mostly Joe). I don’t think Joe has been that real in a long time; he’s definitely matured. However, I haven’t seen the three together in the longest time! Most of the time, it’s Joe and Mike or Joe and Ethan. I haven’t really seen anything with Mike and Ethan. Joe and Ethan were lucky, a couple years ago, when they were able to film a series together in Summer X Summer. A few years after that, Mike and Joe had a chance to work together, alongside Chen Qiao En for an advertisement.

Not yet a Bromance, but still fun to think about:

1) Chen Bolin:


I don’t know when they first met, but this is a cute bromance in the making. Move over Ariel Lin and Kwai Lun Mei; the boys don’t need your love, ladies, they have each other… :(! LOL!

2) Hu Ge:

Hanging with Hu Ge. :)

Hanging with Hu Ge. 🙂

This was truly unexpected. I only have this once picture, but it is pretty cool to see these two men together. I would like a drama with these two. Make it happen drama Gods!

3) Li Yi Feng:


Isn’t it interesting how Li Yi Feng played both Joe and Mike’s brother in two separate dramas HEHEHE!

And last but not least; the 7 degrees of Joe Cheng in collage form with appearances by Rainie, Michelle, Tiffany Xu and Ariel haha!

That’s my list! Enjoy!


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