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YLUMS Gears Up For Premiere

Oh, you guys, it is almost time! The official premiere of Tdrama You Light Up My Star is coming up in a week, and to prepare the hearts of those fans who have waited more than a year for Joe’s comeback, the lovely promotional team for the show decided to give us fans teasers and behind the scene videos to last us till June 1st. Here are some neat stills from the YLUMS BTS video that I thought were very interesting. Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!! You have been warned!

Let’s start off with this: Tattoos on my main man. Joe looks like he’s about to throw up. Do not worry, Joe. It’s not like it’s a needle or anything O_O! Oh and the video starts off in black and white, so do not adjust your screens.

Tattooed Joe... sexy!

Tattooed Joe… sexy!

Next up we have dark, zombie Joe. Sigh… I really didn’t want to see any zombies in this drama. Oh well.


Last black and white photo, I promise. But look at our leads frolicking in the forest! Cute! However, throughout the BTS video, we know that our couple will have both the ups and downs of a tumultuous relationship. :(!


I think this is  when Liu Cheng Wei meets Zhou Man Ling. Look at the back mirror. Joe is inadvertently flexing his arm muscles. HEHEH. I do not know why, but this scene gave me such a nostalgic feeling of when Joe started his career.  It might be his hair. Or the fact that he wore a lot of muscle tees when he was younger.


This one was hilarious! At least we get some laughs from the drama. You go Janine! Looks like a normal beginning to any drama right? Lead couple meets each other. Lead couple wants to kill each other. Yep, seems like they are right on track.


Ah, but they don’t fight all the time! See, they do get along sometimes.


And we can’t have drama without second leads. Here they are, randomly running around in the snow with our main leads in Japan! Somebody roll on the snow!




There’s always others getting in the way of the love…



With any relationship, there is angst. Especially for that guy in the back wearing the dress. What are you doing man? Modeling???



Then comes the angry, drunk scenes.  Can’t get enough of those right?



But hopefully we get these sweet scenes too.  *CHU* LOL. BTW, there are a million kissing scenes. Janine, you lucky girl. Joe, you lucky Bastard! LOL. I think Janine might have more kissing scenes with Joe than Lee Da Hae in Love Actually. That’s going to be a lot of kissing! And I will love them all hahaha!



Here are the rest of the pictures from Baidu. I just touched upon the bare minimum of the behind the scenes so enjoy the pics and the vids. Obviously there is more to the show than just the romance between Joe and Janine’s characters, but I don’t want to spoil it too much for you guys. Some of the scenes we have already seen, like the ones in Japan, so there are some new and some old videos incorporated into the preview. These pics are just my favorites. There are a ton of wonderful scenes coming up for the show and I can’t wait to see them!  I wonder if we will get a 30 minute preview? Am I asking for too much? June 1st will certainly be an eventful day! See ya after the first show!




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