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YLUMS 30 minute Preview

With a grip load of teasers and behind the scenes videos already in stock to keep fans at bay, the crew of YLUMS have added to the plethora of promotional media with a 30 minute preview. Oh yeah, that’s right ladies and gents. We finally got what we wanted! After giving us a press conference and a 24 minute behind the scenes look at the filming I am surprised that this was released but my goodness am I grateful. This drama has some really wonderful people working on promotions ha! And it has certainly paid off. Not only are we getting great acting and a great storyline from the preview, but we are getting more cameos and lovely additions to the drama. Oh goodness, I am on pins and needles for this show! Let’s begin, shall we?

I will just reveal enough so everyone can know the premise of the storyline. So the preview starts off with a back story of our leading couple. They have starred in multiple movies together and kissing left and right. We also get the behind the scenes fun as our OTP starts falling for one another. Almost made me blush hahah! But after so many collaborations, even the lead actor, Liu Cheng Wei, is getting sick of doing the same old thing again and again. You like how every movie they’ve done is related to romance? It is no wonder that lead actress Zhang Man Ling is falling for her costar.

However, life is not what is seems. Poor Man Ling. Don’t cry! You still have other men vying for your attention! It feels like Cheng Wei is taking advantage (or taking for granted) of Man Ling’s love. It is almost borderline abusive the way he treats her. :(.


As much as I like this OTP, I am wondering when will Janine’s character at some point grows some balls and starts becoming independent of Liu Cheng Wei or any other man. She seems like a very dependent woman who speaks softly and does not realize the extent of events that are happening around her. I know that Director Winnie sometimes has weak female characters in his shows, but they always persevere some way some how. So hopefully we see some dramatic changes in Man Ling because I can totally feel her frustration and I am waiting for her to go ballistic on Cheng Wei and snap him out of his funk.


Obviously there is much more to the preview than just the lead couple quarreling, however, I will let ya’ll watch it for yourselves. I don’t want to spoil too much but I will talk about one more thing: cameos. We all know that there will be cameos from Ivy Chen and Japanese star Fukuyama Masaharu. But the preview also indicated a few oh so familiar faces such as Chang Yung Cheng (Papa Jiang from ISWAK) and Jerry Huang (we know him from that little show The Rose), just to name a few. Oh yeah, Director Winnie is pulling all the stops.  However, let’s not delve too much on that because it’s all about our OTP lol!

If you want to know more about the show, you must watch the preview for yourself! It is so good! As for the actual show, well it’s coming up in a few days! First episode is this week. Too bad I won’t be able to see it immediately. For this show, I might not be able to provide recaps. As history has proved, I am not very good at keeping up with reviews or recaps of shows. I will most likely make a review at some point, but I most likely won’t recap the show. It takes too long and I am pretty sure this show will suck the life right out of me haha! I will continue to post on juicy news and the such. See ya’ll after the show!



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