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Happy Birthday Joe!


You know what is scary? I have been doing these “Happy Birthday” posts since 2011.  That makes this year the fourth time I have written about Joe’s birthday! O_O! It’s hard to believe that this man has aged at all but everyone has to at some point. This year, Joe turns 32, and there were plenty of birthday wishes from his friends online. Here are a few:

Janine Chang: 幾句不知從哪來的話,就可以輕易抺掉一個演員對一部戲的投入,還好你懂,你一句話,我的委屈瞬間就沒了!總是貼心、溫暖的你,生日快樂!@鄭元暢小綜 (I do not know where he comes from a few words, you can easily swap sweeping movements of an actor put on a play, the better you understand your words, I wronged instantly gone! Always caring, warm you, happy birthday! @ Zheng Yuan Chang small mechanized)

Joelle Lu:  飛高高的時候也要好好照顧自己,老姐愛你[心][心]生日快樂[愛你][愛你](Flying high, when ye take care of yourself, younger sister love you [heart] [heart] Happy Birthday [love you] [love you] )


Tony Yang: 祝你每天都笑成這樣!happy birthday ! (I wish you every day to laugh like that! happy birthday)


There were definitely some more, and some that have not appeared yet, but I am sure Joe felt the love. Happy birthday Joe!





One comment on “Happy Birthday Joe!

  1. apqaria
    June 19, 2014

    Happy Birthday to our handsome Joe ❤
    And BTW, how is YULMS? I still didn't have the time to start watching but I am curious to know your opinion 🙂

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