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Channel X review (so far)

Inserted random hotness as a lure.

Wow! So I don’t really know who actually watched the first episode, but I for one, did. If you’re looking around the net trying to find a review of the first episode in hopes to get a first impression of this drama, then I am going to say one thing: you have to watch it for yourself.

First impression:

So I will be putting a spoiler recap (a very detailed recap) of episode one a little later in the week, but as for right now, I am only giving opinions of the show. First and foremost, I want to talk about the chemistry between the actors. Every relationship is believable. From the first time I saw Michelle Chen in “Wish to See You Again”, I have wondered what it would be like to have her in the same drama as Joe. And then I find out that not only is she in this drama, but she plays Joe’s fiance. I almost exploded with happiness. They are the cutest couple ever! [SPOILER] Too bad she is going to die in the next episode!>< [end spoiler] I think Amber is a good actress, but her voice is so high! For her to play this character is kind of odd to me but I’ll see what she does later. But what is this!? Chris Lee is a hottie! For sure! He might seem kind of plain, but he is very handsome to me. And those are all the characters I care for this episode haha (besides Joe)!

What other people are saying

There are comments all over the web saying the first ep was “boring” or “confusing”, etc. Whatever. I watched it without the subs and I thought it was interesting. I have watched it like 5 times hahhah! But that’s just me. Many netizens have criticized the plot’s complexities, criticized Amber’s overacting, and so forth. But a lot have been saying the story is refreshing and interesting. So in the end, its all biased opinions. Either way, whether you think its interesting or boring, I can guarantee that you’re not going to be laughing much as the story progresses.

My take on the story

The story is a bit mature; not in the XXX way, but that it has a very serious plot. I mean, we’re talking murder here! This isn’t going to be like the comedies we’re used to watching from TWdramas, well not idol dramas anyways. That is why I think most viewers who are used to the fluff are going to be turned off by this. The plot seems to veer off, since we are coming back to a story that happened a year ago.  The drama starts off with the “second murder” so when it goes to a full year ago, the audience has to deal with all these seemingly irrelevant plots. We haven’t even been exposed to the first murder yet. So I think episode one was a base point for the story. I love An Zai Yong and Lou Shan Shan’s relationship, so I’m sold on what’s to come for their relationship. I think Amber is overacting a bit, but I’m not so turned off by it. The plot will get better, with more answers leading the way, so I hope more people won’t be turned off by the first episode. So if you’re hoping to love this drama based on the first episode, good luck. Or perhaps its interesting enough to grab a hold of you, like it did me.

With episode one out of the way, comes episode two’s preview. It looks absolutely insane! So many things happen, ie, the first murder. Now we’re getting the ball rolling! Saddest part/the best part?[SPOILER] An Zai Yong (Joe) reporting on air, line for line, the latest incoming news that Lou Shan Shan (his fiance)  has been murdered and that she is/was his fiance. [End of spoiler] Doesn’t that just suck serious balls?? I can’t wait for the next episode to air.

oh and btw, I hope that it turns out that An Zai Yong is a serial killer! It’ll be so awesome to know at the end that our headstrong, truth seeking protagonist is actually a little psycho. Wouldn’t it?


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