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edit: Finally uploading my stories here on WordPress. Winglin has been on and off recently, due to the surge of viruses infecting the site, making it unsafe to navigate. So what’s easier than to read them here? Here are their synopses.

All my stories have been linked here. I was going to actually place each chapter and each story here, but I’d rather link them to the one site that has them all which is winglin.net. It is a lot more efficient over there and a lot easier to read from. So here are the links. I’ll put up a brief synopsis for each. All of them star my favorite Tdrama idols, Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng.

Twin Sword Warrior: The story starts out in Taichung, Taiwan with Ariel Lin playing with her friend Mike(He) whom she has been friends with for a long time. She later finds out her mother has become a concubine to an abusive master who already has three wives of his own. After suffering from constant verbal and physical abuse, Ariel becomes a notorious murderer for killing her stepfather after she witnesses her mother’s suicide. As soon as she arrives into Taipei (I think), she meets up with a handsome Lieutenant named Joe Cheng, who is friends with Mike. She soon finds out that Mike is in his own little situation himself and the three get tangled into a whirlwind of trouble.

link- http://winglin.net/fanfic/Wootness/contents.shtml

Catered Love–  After working for a company for 3 years, 24 year-old accountant Joe Cheng finds himself unemployed and broke. The company he had worked for had gone down in flames after the CEO squandered most of the cash into a hot summer night with a couple of waitresses. He now works for his friend Mike’s catering company, ironically as a waiter himself. If that wasn’t enough, he soon finds himself in the mercy of 23 year old Ariel Lin; a rich debutant whom he met one day crossing the street.

link- http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/Coolnesspeepo/

Destiny Delayed: For seven years Joe Cheng has suffered with the disappearance of his best friend and lover, Ariel Lin. To make matters worse, she was pregnant with his baby. It wasn’t until he became a commercial pilot that he discovers that not only was Ariel alive, but living happily with their seven year old daughter whom he has never seen. Little by little, Joe tries to win back the ones he lost so many years ago in hopes to find where he had left his heart last.

link- http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/Wootness2/contents.shtml

What We’ve Seem to Have Forgotten(new)- This is a story about a boy who is in love with a girl for as long as he could remember. But, when it was time to ask her out to prom, she decides to crush his little crush on her for good. After a long while apart, the two reconcile as adults and enter a seemingly platonic relationship. Who will be the first to budge and finally realize their love for each other? This short story was my first after I had quit Winglin.

Before You Go(new)- Another new project that I did after my time at Winglin, was this last piece. It’s about a couple who struggle in their marriage so much so that they decide to get a divorce. It isn’t till they are separated that both parties become remorseful of their decisions. As they continue to bump into each other, the longing for each other become more and more apparent.


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