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Catered Love

Catered Love

“You know you are in love
when you see the world in her eyes,
and her eyes everywhere in the world”


After working for a company for 3 years, 24 year-old accountant Joe Cheng finds himself unemployed and broke. The company he had worked for had gone down in flames after the CEO squandered most of the cash into a hot summer night with a couple of waitresses. He now works for his friend Mike’s catering company, ironically as a waiter himself. If that wasn’t enough, he soon finds himself in the mercy of 23 year old Ariel Lin; a rich debutant whom he met one day crossing the street.


Joe Cheng:
Age: 24
Interests/hobbies: Cooking, cleaning and sports
Personality: He is very realistic, quick witted and easily hot tempered. But he does have a very humane side to him.

Ariel Lin:
Age: 23
Interests/hobbies: Being with her boyfriend, going to elegant parties and hanging with friends.
Personality: Ariel is a very smart and cultured girl. However, she knows little about how to handle her emotions when scarred by love.

Mike He:
Age: 24
Interests/hobbies: Cooking, sports and hanging with Joe, his best friend.
Personality: Carefree and optimistic, Mike is a very humble guy with simple goals in life which is to develop a catering company to pay for his mother’s hospital bills.

Rainie Yang:
Age: 23
Interests/hobbies: Shopping, hanging out with her best friend Ariel and eating
Personality: Even though Rainie is a very sweet girl towards her friends, she tends to be blunt and very hostile to guys.



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