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Chapter 11

Mike had been in Japan for a couple days now and had yet to see the sights. Being cooped up in kitchen had made him tired and unable to concentrate.

“Hey guys?” he told his workers, as he rounded them up. “Take the day off to explore Japan a little. Understand the cuisine a little better. Go find some interesting ingredients that would work well with the hor’ dourves! Do something wisely!” he joked. “Tomorrow, we will worry about the next event. As for today…go forth and abroad!”

Being the busy little worker Mike grew up to be, he went around the small cities and found quaint little diners that had offered him an array of foods to try out. He saw how small the portions of food that were served and he took that into account. As he left his 3rd diner, he spots a familiar face.

“Ms. Yang?” he asks.

“Mike, how are you?” Rainie asks him back.

“I’ve been fine Ms. Yang. How have you liked the catering so far?”

“It’s been great, so don’t worry about it,” she laughed.

“You’re out kinda late don’t you think?” he asked.

“That’s because you haven’t seen the damage I could do,” she joked as she held up the five shopping bags she had.

“What are you doing in the city?”

“I’ve been researching!” he said proudly.


“Yeah! I have been all over the city trying different cuisines that can improve my own recipes,” he said proudly.

“In other words, stuffing your face with food paid by my father?” she joked.

“YEP!” he joked too.

“You’re lucky my father’s paying for your expenses Mr. He, but please do not use it to your advantage,” she warned lightly with a smile.

“How can I not miss Yang? When you bring a small child to an amusement park, you don’t tell them not to go on the rides,” he reasoned.

“So is this your amusement park?” she mocked.

“Food is my playground. I merely use its resources,” he explained.

“AH! The words of a true culinary artist…”

“Indeed…” he added sarcastically. “How about you accompany me to a few more restaurants?”

“Um…” she said shyly.

“Your father’s paying…” he tried to persuade. She giggled slightly at the remark.

“OK, if you promise that we go shopping as well,” she added.

“Fine by me, I’m not paying,” he shrugged.

“Is everything about money to you, these days?” she asked exasperated.

“It’s the gist of it Miss Yang,” he joked. “Family would be first, then food, then money.”

“Hmm, how true those words are,” she said.

As they head to the nearest food court, Mike see’s a beautifully crafted water fountain that was made from porcelain and had a grand sculpture that held the five different spouts. Right in the center held the main spout which was a large water fall that spread across lights that made the whole fountain sparkle like a grand painting.

“Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?” Mike asked Rainie still in awe.

“You like it?” she asked him.

“Of course! How can anybody not fall for its beauty? The colors, the structure, the way the water falls. It’s amazing.”

“I’m glad you like it. I designed it.” Rainie said shyly.

“Y-you??? How?” he asked dumbfounded.

“As a side project, when I’m not working with my father, I designed architecture and sculptures,” she said almost reminiscent. “But that’s just a hobby. My father wants me to take over the family business once I’m ready.”

“So?” he asked.


“So what if your father wants you to run the business? You should do what you love,” he said frankly.

“It’s not that simple Mike,” she reasoned. “This is just a past time. The reality is I have to take over the business, not this silly project.”

“It doesn’t look silly to me,” he said looking back at the fountain. “It looks more like a passion. If you want to do this Miss Yang, you should go and fight for it.”

“You make it sound so easy,” she laughed. “If everyone had the option to do whatever they wanted, the world would not be the way it is now.”

“I agree,” he said determined.

“It’s not the way you would see it,” she explained. “Society is a lot more critical than you would think. It’s a manipulative, capitalistic wench that only thrives from the strong…”

“Then I think you should do something about it,” Mike interrupted. “Anything is possible in this world as well.”

“Only dreamers and wishers would think so,” she quipped.

“Then wish…” he said to her placing a small penny on her hand.

Turning around with a smile, Mike closes his eyes and takes in a breath. After a few seconds of wishing, he tosses his own penny into the fountain.

“Your turn,” he said with a smile.

“You still believe in these things?” she asked with a smile.

“If you mean if I still believe in dreams then yes, I do,” he smiled back.

“Then I wish for a thousand raindrops to fall from the sky just to hit you with a bit of reality!” she joked as she tossed the penny backwards.


“I just did!” she laughed.

“Then I’ll take it back…” he said going into the fountain.

“HEY! You can’t just get in there and take my wish from me!” she continue to laugh.

“Oh yes I can and I will,” he said playfully.

“GET OUTTA THERE!” she laughed.

“Where are you, you little penny?” he said drenched in the fountain looking fiercely.

“Mike!” she said trying to pull him out.

“You get in too!” he said pulling her in.

“AH!!!” she screamed as he dragged her in. “I’m all wet!”

“Oh, not everywhere…” he said splashing her with more water.
“HEY!!” she laughed and splashed back.

“HEY!!!” he said stopping their fun. “Take back your wish and I’ll stop!”

“NEVER!” she continued to splash.

“OK…then take this!”

He grabbed a hold of her waist and tackled her into the fountain along with him, drenching their entire bodies.

“AH!!!!” she laughed.

“There! We’re even,” he laughed along.

“GET ME OUT!!” she said waving her hands frantically with a chuckle.

“OK, OK,” he said taking her hand and pulling them both out.

“How come whenever I’m with you, I’m always near water?!” she giggled.

“It’s God’s way to make sure you will always be clean when you’re with me! HAHAH! Good looking out!” he said pointing at the sky.

“Oh yea?” she asked mischievously.

Suddenly she pushes them both into the fountain again and they play fight their way out. As the night calms, the city become quiet and still. The trees lightly graze between the wind and the clouds slow into a halt leaving the two specimens who still frolicked in the fountain, to create the happiness and laughter that echoed throughout.



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