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Chapter 18

“Hey, pass me the butter,” Joe said digging into his food.

“You know, just because I’m treating you doesn’t mean you can eat the whole restaurant,” Mike quipped.

“After everything you put me through, this is the least that you can do for me,” Joe huffed as he took a big bite of food.

“If I knew how unscrupulous you were, I wouldn’t have ever agreed to these stipulations,” Mike pouted.

“Who says I was being devious? This doesn’t make up for the 3 weeks with the infamous bag lady, 15 cuts on my hand from several knife accidents…” Joe ranted.

“…and a couple really horrible catering services and a run in with your ex girlfriend” Mike recited as he rolled his eyes. “Yes I have memorized all of it!”

“Make sure you do!” Joe scolded him. “Next time you ask me for a favor, remember the 3 WEEKS! I haven’t even asked you for ONE favor yet! You owe me big time.”

“What kind of friend would put such burden on another friend?” Mike asked annoyed. “You should have said no if you didn’t want to help me!”

“I DID!!!” Joe said infuriated.

“But you took it back!” Mike said finishing Joe’s thought. “A REAL friend would have done the deed and sucked it UP!”

“There’s a real fine line between possibility and realism, Mike,” Joe explained. “They might seem similar but possibility is more of a truth than realism seeing as realism is determined by what you define as real. Whatever that can be considered possible is possible in everyone else’s eyes. Holding in my anger from the past couple of weeks, is IMPOSSIBLE!”

“It couldn’t have been THAT bad!” Mike said brushing off his statement.

“You didn’t go through it, you can’t say anything,” Joe said in between bites.

“What exactly did the bag lady do anyways?” Mike asked curiously.

“What?” Joe asked tilting his head towards Mike.

“What did she do? If she was THAT bad I wanna hear about it,” Mike clarified.

“She pissed me off, that’s all” Joe said indifferently, jamming another spoonful of food into his mouth.

“Everyone pisses you off. Even you piss yourself off sometimes. What makes her different?” Mike asked getting more curious.

“What is there to know?” Joe said annoyed of Mike’s questions. “She didn’t listen to me, she’s stubborn, she always found ways to argue with me for every little thing, she’s LOUD, and she’s annoying…”

“She sounds familiar,” Mike smirked.

“Familiar?” Joe asked.

“She sounds like you!” Mike laughed. “There’s a female form of you running around in the world hahahah, very creepy!”

“And you’re the one talking about being a good friend,” Joe scoffed. “Hey you still haven’t told me everything that happened in Japan.”

“Not much, I told you everything about Rainie,” Mike smiled.

“Like I care about that,” Joe laughed. “I mean with the restaurant, is there going to be any development?”

“Sure, sure,” Mike nodded. “Everything is swell.”

“It’s funny how you can talk hours and hours about a brief fling, but you can only give me a sentence on what matters,” Joe shook his head.

“It wasn’t a fling. You make it sounds so frivolous,” Mike pouted.

“Mike, you’re never gonna see her again, you know that right?” Joe explained.

“Yeah, I know…but it was nice,” Mike reminisced. “I wonder what would happen if I did see her again…”

“Oh no,” Joe said wagging his finger in front of Mike’s face. “None of that when I’m eating.”

“None of what?” Mike asked.

“None of that ‘love’ mumbo jumbo when I’m trying to get this food down my throat!” Joe said downing another glass of water. “

“You need to fall in love Joe, just so you can nag at some other person besides me. All I need is a good 3 minutes of silence and I’d be happy,” Mike sighed.
Joe chuckled. “You know I don’t believe in such pointless things.”

“Love is not pointless,” Mike reasoned. “It’s a beautiful, unexpected feeling that God himself gives you as a privilege for living and understanding reason to live…”

“Choking, I am choking…” Joe said pointing to his throat. “Enough of this I have to go get a job. Make sure you get dinner for me as well. Your end of the bargain has yet to suffice.”

“You’re relentless!” Mike pouted. “Haven’t I suffered enough economically???”

“No,” Joe bluntly remarked as he wiped his mouth clean.

“Then I hope that you would fall in love on your way there!” Mike hissed.

“Don’t wish such evil upon a friend,” Joe said looking apathetically.

“You’ll meet the perfect girl and love her more than life itself…” Mike continued.

“Now you’re just being mean,” Joe hissed.

“You will fall so hard for her that you’ll see the world in her and her everywhere in the world,” Mike continued to argue.

“Why would say something so awful?” Joe pouted.

“…just when you think you can’t love her even more, she does something so beautiful for you that you’ll marry her…” Mike sneered.

“…OK this is just pissing me off!” Joe said angrily.

“…You’ll have 3 kids, all of them no taller than a redwood and they’ll all look like you too!” Mike joked, ending his rant.

“I hope you get hit by a car!” Joe hissed.

“HAHAH, who knew you were still so against love,” Mike laughed.

“You knew, but were conniving enough to use that against my own intentions,” Joe groaned.

“It’s been years, man. When are you going to get over what Karen did to you?” Mike

“When I meet that girl…” Joe said getting out of his seat.

As Joe walks outs of the restaurant he deeply sighs about what Mike talked about. For sure he was not meant to feel in love, not after all that he and Karen had been through. After how that relationship ended the way it did, he couldn’t see how love was such a “sacred” sentiment brought only through divinity. Impossible…

“WHOA!” Joe yelled as he slipped on the curved pavement, falling on his back.

“AHH!” a woman muffled.

During the slip he had fallen on top of someone who had been walking behind him closely as she looked for a few pennies in her change purse.

“…GET…OFF!!!!” screamed the young lady underneath.

“Ugh…hold on a second, I’m still hurt!” he grunted.

“GET OFF OF ME!” she yelled.

“I’m off, I’m OFF!” he huffed as he got up.

“Next time watch where you’re going!” she angrily scolded him.

“Next time don’t walk so close to others!” he snapped back.

“I didn’t! You were walking too slowly! I could have aged a decade back there,” she snipped.

“Then maybe by then you could have been wise enough to walk AROUND!” he growled.

“How? You were practically taking up the whole sidewalk with that walk…” she continued to argue

“What’s wrong with the way I walk?” he asked angrily.

“It’s like trying squeeze through a whale in a fish bowl!” she smirked. “Next time I’ll walk with the jaws of life just in case I encounter Shamu again.”

“Son of a…” Joe tried to say under his breathe.

“Get out of my way,” she said trying to make her way through.

“Get the jaws of life, I dare you,” he snapped back.

“You jerk.” she yelled. “Let me through!”

“Gladly!” he sarcastically quipped as he bowed his head in an insulting manner.

“Hmph!” she rolled her eyes.

“Perfect girl…” Joe scoffed as he thought about Mike’s spiteful prophecy. “Hardly…”

As they parted ways the girl’s phone rings and she checks the text message…

“Hey Rainie, I’ll meet you a little later- Ariel”



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