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Chapter 22

From the other side of the room, Joe and Ariel were too busy panicking to make sense of all that was happening.

“W-W-W-W-WAH!!!” Joe sputtered.

“She’s kissing MIKE!?!” Ariel screamed!

“Go Ariel! Save Mike from the Devil!” he said nudging her arm.

“Save Mike!? You go save Rainie!” she nudged back.

They both looked at each other and realized that the most disgusting display that they could ever witness had actually taken place; their best friends sharing a passionate kiss.


Mike, who was too busy being kissed, was completely shaken. How could this have happened? Was this no longer a beautiful friendship? Or rather was it…

Well, it really didn’t matter. Along with the million thoughts swimming in his mind, he was feeling a bit light headed, himself. He was still holding onto her, she had her arms tightly around his neck and they were still kissing. What’s the harm of letting this continue? After all, it did feel really nice.

He tightened his embrace and finally closed his eyes and was about to deepen the kiss, till Rainie snapped back to reality. She widened her eyes and pulled back. Oh Lord, she thought. Did she really do such an impulsive thing? She covered her mouth with both hands and ran to the restroom in tears, leaving Mike smiling from ear to ear with an expression of pure bliss streaking his punch-drunk face.

“Wow…” he said to thin air as Rainie was already making her way clear across the room.

He about to faint from the amount of euphoria rushing to head, but Joe had caught him before his head could graze the floor.

“Nothing to see here folks,” Joe said lightly. “He’s just had one too many.”

“Oooh, a drink would be great right about now,” Mike said completely out of it.

“You have explaining to do before I drown you!” Joe hissed before dragging him to the men’s restroom.

As they make their way into the restroom, Joe locked the door so no one can overhear their conversation and pull Mike to consciousness again. The kiss had left him with a happy-go-lucky feeling, smiling like an idiot. Joe grabbed him by the arms and shook him down to make him stop.

“What the hell did you just do!?!” Joe yelled at him.

“I just kissed Rainie Yang,” he said blissfully.

“You kissed the devil!!” Joe screamed.

“Mmmm, and what a kiss it was,” Mike reminisced with that same goofy smile plastered on his face.

“That’s the poison talking!” Joe hissed.

“I’m going for another one!” Mike determinedly said, marching towards the door.

“NOOOOO!” Joe screamed as he grabbed Mike from behind.

They struggle as Mike tries to make his way to the door with that stupid grin still drawn on his face, while Joe holds onto the banister with one hand and holds onto Mike with the other.

“YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS!!” Joe screamed.

“RAINIE! IMMA COMING!!!” Mike yelled back to the door.

Meanwhile, in the women’s restroom, Rainie was at the sink huffing and puffing as the water from her brow dripped to the marble. How could she have done something like this? This was not supposed to happen. She was supposed to be stronger than any man. Why did she let her inhibitions take over like that? This was wrong. So very wrong.

“RAINIE!!!” screamed an overzealous Ariel. “What was that!?!?”

“I DON’T KNOW!!” Rainie said shaking her head. “ARIEL! Help me!”

“You kissed Mike???” Ariel asked hysterically.

“Oh GOD!!!” Rainie said placing her hands on her face. “This is so embarrassing!”

“So does this mean you actually like him?” Ariel asked worriedly.

“…I DON’T KNOW!!” she said confused.

“Ok, let’s breathe and think this through rationally…” Ariel said controlling their breathing. “Breathe…breathe…”

They both turned around breathing slowly till they both felt light headed and dizzy.

“Ok, maybe we took one too many breaths,” Rainie said trying to keep her balance on the sink.

“You can’t suddenly kiss Mike,” Ariel finally said.

“I know…” Rainie groaned.

“It’s wrong,” she continued.

“I know,” Rainie sighed.

“You can’t like Mike,” Ariel reasoned.

“I know…” Rainie huffed. “Wait a second. What did you say?”

“You can’t like him,” Ariel repeated.

“Why can’t I like Mike?” Rainie asked calmly.

“Do not tell me you do Rainie!” Ariel said worriedly.

“I’ve never kissed a guy like that,” Rainie said. “I never felt that way before when I kissed him.”

“Snap out of it Rainie!” Ariel pled. “You’re father would never approve.”

“Since when have I ever done what my father told me to do?” Rainie said bluntly.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Ariel said pointing a finger in her face.

“Try and stop me,” Rainie laughed.

“RAINIE!!” Ariel said restraining her. “YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS!!!”

“I’M COMING MIKE!!” Rainie screamed.

Back to the men’s restroom, Joe was struggling to keep Mike in place.

“MIKE!!!” he screamed. “STOP-THE-INSANITY!!!”

“Ok,” Mike said stopping in his tracks, which led Joe to fall on his side.

Joe got up from his side and marched his way in front of his best friend with a stiff index finger pointed at his face.

“Get that stupid expression of you face,” Joe ordered.

“Ok,” Mike said still smiling like a fool.

Joe firmly stared Mike in the face and said, “Look, you are my best friend. I will not let you fall for that…that…thing!”

“Her name is…Rainie,” Mike said heavenly.

“I KNOW IT IS!!!” Joe yelled. “I forbid you to see her again!!”

“You can’t make me to stop seeing her,” Mike said calmly. “If I close my eyes…I can see her all I want…”

Mike closes his eyes and starts to visualize the kiss over and over again leading him to burst in giggles and laughs.

Joe was getting uneasy. “Stop it…stop it right now!”

“I can’t Joe…it’s too wonderful” Mike smiled.

“STOP IT!!” Joe said shaking him. “It was just a kiss!”

“HEY!” Mike said finally getting firm. “It was NOT JUST a kiss!”


“She’s just probably freaking out because she kissed a cook and not a corporate hothead with more money than I’ll ever see in my life” Mike replied. “But I think she’ll get over it once we start dating.”

“Dating?!?! Dear GOD!!!” Joe screamed in fear. “The poison is already sinking in!”

“And I’m not even done explaining!” Mike said getting overly enthusiastic.

“Mike? Are you in there?” Joe screamed into Mike’s ear. “Go towards the light, and if we have time, I-will-get-the-exorcist!”

“Well, while you wait for that…” Mike said rolling his eyes. “…I have to see Rainie again.”

“Over my dead body,” Joe hissed.

“Two choices Joe,” Mike said still bouncing off his jubilation. “Either I kiss YOU or I kiss Rainie and you know, very well in fact, that I would do it.”

Joe shuddered and winced at the thought of Mike’s deadly kiss coming anywhere near him and immediately cleared the doorway.

“Go,” Joe said pointing at the door. “Nothing is worth that sacrifice.”

“Glad you made the right decision,” Mike smiled. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go kiss my future girlfriend.”



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