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Chapter 29

The very next day, Rainie accompanied her father to brunch at an open café. She was to meet Peter as well, to talk about the engagement party. Little did her father or Peter knew, Rainie was prepared to break off their arranged marriage and nothing was going to stop her. Mike had agreed to meet up with her at the café a little after she had time to expose everything.

“Where would you like to sit dear?” her father asked sweetly.

“Anywhere is fine,” she smiled back.

Perhaps being nice and friendly weren’t going to get either of them anywhere. They both had interior motives to this brunch and Rainie was only aware of her own. What was her father up to?

“Would you like to hear the specials?” asked the nearby waiter, with a notebook at hand.

“No, I’ll have a cup of coffee,” Rainie smiled back.

“I would like to hear them,” her father said, lifting his head with a slight of arrogance and pride.

As the waiter recited the menu Rainie peered around the restaurant, indifferently looking around the scenery wondering what her mind could do to distort the landscape. She did this often, being an artistic architect herself. Too bad, she would never think of doing this as a career. Immediately she remembered her conversation with Mike a couple months ago about this. They were in Japan and in front of the fountain she had designed. Perhaps someday both Mike as well as a career in architecture could be within her grasp.

“Dear?” her father asked, interrupting her thoughts.

“Hmm?” she said snapping back to reality.

“Did you listen to a word I said?” he scolded, folding his arms.


Just as she was going to answer, something caught her eye that made her look twice. It was a tall slender looking woman, with somewhat muscular built. She had long, wavy hair that seemed like it came right out of a commercial and legs that had no end. Her makeup was quite heavy, but still natural looking and she had on a beautiful blue summer dress that was not revealing too much, topped off with a matching summer hat. Weird…it was fall and she still wore something like that outside. As Rainie stared longer, this woman became more and more familiar, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. She needed a closer look.

“Pardon me dad, I need to go to the ladies room,” Rainie gracefully excused herself.

“Come back quick, you don’t want to come when your coffee is cold,” he nagged.

Making her way closer and closer to the goddess, Rainie tried harder and harder to look into the woman’s face to see who exactly it was. Soon enough, Rainie was about a meter way. The woman had her arms folded, and appeared a bit agitated, probably because she was waiting for her date.

“Excuse me,” Rainie asked politely. “But I believe you dropped your…”

And as soon as the woman turned her head to face her, Rainie knew exactly who this “woman” was.


Quickly Joe covered her mouth and told her to hush herself before she blows his cover.

“Hey!” he barked. “This is a top secret operation, so can you please keep it down!”

“MMmmfmmfmhhmmhsss!” she muffled with his hand still on her face.

“What?” he asked furrowing his brow.
She took his hand off her face and began again, “What are you doing here!? What secret operation?? More importantly…are those my pumps?!?!?!”

But before he had a chance to answer, a short hefty man with a full on goatee approached the two of them. He seemed to have a lot of trouble catching his breathe, and appeared disheveled and aloof.

“Sorry I’m late,” he panted. “There was a lot of traffic…Rainie? What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be with your father?”

“I’m sorry do I know you…” Rainie started to ask, but immediately widened her eyes instead. “ARIEL!?”

“SHHH!!!! You’ll blow our cover,” Ariel scolded.

“I told you!” Joe reprimanded Rainie, which caused her to stick out her tongue a bit.

“WHOA!!!” Ariel suddenly yelped in astonishment.

“What?” Joe asked suspiciously as Ariel gawked at him.

“When did you get so hot?!” she asked frankly and a bit offensively. “Hot damn, if I really were a guy, I’d totally hit that! Hell I’d go after you even if I am a girl!”

“I don’t exactly know how I am supposed to take that comment, really” Joe thought out loud.

“Guys?” Rainie asked trying to get their attention. “Focus. What the hell are you two doing here?”

“We’re here to help you break the news to your father and Peter,” Ariel explained.

“Dressed like this?” Rainie asked suspiciously, pointing at them up and down.

“You’re going to tell them everything. We’re just here to make sure Peter never comes back again!” Joe reassured.

“How are you going to do that?” Rainie was getting extremely curious about the mission. It was just far too weird.

“Joe’s going to seduce Peter in front of your father,” Ariel said bluntly. “I’m here for damage control.”

“WHAT!” Rainie felt like her heart was swimming in her stomach. This was just too crazy.

“Don’t worry,” Joe reassured. “I’m willing to do anything!”

Rainie felt like her breakfast was going to explode out of her mouth.

“I don’t want to know your methods,” she said patting her chest to calm herself.

“OH!” Ariel suddenly called out. “I think I see Peter! Joe, there is no turning back now, are you sure about this?”

“I’m doing this for Mike, I’m doing this for Mike,” he chanted to himself. “I’m ready Ariel!”

“Good! Make us proud, Josephine!” Ariel gave him a final salute and stiffened her upper lip.

He gave his final salute and started marching his pretty little butt on over to the empty table next to Peter. Ariel was about to head towards an opposite table, but Rainie pulled her back to get some answers.

“Hold on, little mister,” she strictly called for Ariel.

“Yeeeees?” Ariel smiled back.

“I understand why you can’t seduce Peter, but how did you get Joe to do it?” She curiously inquired.

“Oh you know,” Ariel scoffed as if it was the easiest thing she ever done. “I said something about a revolutionary responsibility, something about Mike’s crusade for love and happiness, added a quote from one of those James Bond movies and I jazzed it up with some fabricated propaganda…you know, like what the military does.”

“AND HE BOUGHT THAT!?!” Rainie couldn’t believe it.

“Mmhmm, maybe I’m more persuasive than I thought,” Ariel responded nostalgically.

“True…” Rainie was more interested though, on Joe. He was moving way too flawlessly. “Did he- is he wearing stockings or…”

“Nope,” Ariel answered back quickly. “Shaved last night.”

“Wow…did you teach him how to move his hips that way?” she continued to ask.

“As disturbing as this might sound, no I didn’t,” she answered and they awkwardly look at each other and then at Joe. “Maybe he can give us some pointers.”

Rainie wouldn’t help but laugh at that because it was true, the man sure could walk in a pair of high heeled shoes.

“Remind me when this is all over,” Rainie began, with a chuckle in her voice. “To thank the both of you. That is if this doesn’t fail, and in that case remind me to kill you.”

“If it does fail at least we got to see Joe dress up as a girl!” Ariel laughed. “Now does that or does that not make up for everything?!”



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