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Chapter 30

“PETER!” Rainie’s father greeted him most ardently. “Great to see you finally came!”

“Hello Mr. Yang,” Peter nodded politely before taking a seat across from him. “I trust your daughter should be here soon?”

“Quite soon, she just left a little while ago, to use the restroom. Don’t worry, your dear bride will come back,” her father joked.

“I heard that!” Rainie butted in, as she walked to her seat. “I have yet to marry this man in front of me. Please don’t call me his bride.”

As they continue on their banter, little did they know that a beautiful and elegant woman was passing by Peter and with a drop of her hat, he had lost his breath.

“So, I believe you have the paper work at hand, Peter?” Rainie’s father asked.

Peter said nothing and followed the “woman” as she took her seat at the table right next to him. Taking his seat gracefully, Joe crosses his legs and brushes a stray hair off his wig to catch a clear glimpse of Peter; his victim. From the corner of his eye Joe could already see Peter’s smirk rise, but he only rolled his eyes at Peter’s feeble attempt to flirt. What an amateur, he thought to himself.

“Peter?” Rainie’s father asked again. He hated repeating himself; it showed that the other party wasn’t listening and therefore it annoyed him.

“Hmm?” Peter hummed trying to snap back to reality. “I’m sorry, you were saying?”

“I asked if you have the paperwork done?” he smugly sighed out of exasperation. “The lawyer is accompanying us today for lunch and we need all the documents handed in to her immediately.”

“Yes,” Rainie nodded. “A Miss Karen Cheung.”

Just as Rainie said her name, Joe’s eyes widened. KAREN?? It can’t be. This has to be another woman. Not his ex-girlfriend. Not now. If he had to encounter his ex-girlfriend again in any point in time, this would be the worse time. Oh please, dear God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha…don’t let it be his Karen.

“As, I said before,” Rainie continued. “There is no chance that I will ever marry a man I do not love. Your papers offer no incentive and I will not be signing any agreement whatsoever.”

“Rainie!” her father sighed of exasperation. “For once in your life, can you comply with what I have planned for your future? Lord knows what would happen to you if you’re not taken care of!”

“I can take care of myself, I don’t need Peter to BABYSIT me!” she angrily retorted.

“And nor will I want to!” Peter defended himself. “You think this is easy for me to just marry you?”

“Father, if both parties can’t agree on this engagement, please stop this now before anything gets too out of hand!” Rainie argued.

“Both of you are to be engaged and to be married within your next birthday,” her father frankly ordered. “There will be no opinion other than mine, understood?”

Simultaneously at that moment, Joe decided to get into the action. So he took his napkin off his table and

“accidentally” dropped the napkin next to Peter’s shoe.

“Um, excuse me miss?” asked Peter. “I believe you dropped your napkin.”

“OH, I’m always so clumsy,” Joe blushed exaggeratedly, fawning over Peter’s “heroic” attempt to pick up a napkin. “Thank you so much. That’s so polite of you!”

“Oh dear God,” Rainie said to herself as she rolled her eyes at Joe’s idiotic gestures.

Ariel even had to stop herself from laughing and gagging at the same time at Joe’s funny yet nauseating acting. Joe went as far as batting his fake eyelashes and giving Peter a very seductive wink.

“You’re quite welcome,” Peter slyly replied, with a devious smirk on his face.

Both Ariel and Rainie forcefully held their composure for that one; desperately keeping their lunch down and well as their breakfast.

“Furthermore…” Rainie’s father tried to say.

“You’re main course sir,” said a waiter. “And here’s your raspberry ice tea ma’am.”

“I didn’t order a raspberry ice tea…” Rainie answered quickly getting a glimpse of the waiter.

Wait a minute.

Rainie couldn’t blink her eyes; she was just so shocked that the only response that came out of her mouth was a voiceless, “MIKE??!!!”

He smirked at her reaction and gave a brief chortle. Mike was in disguise as well, most likely in the same plan Ariel and Joe had thought up. What were they up to, putting Mike as their waiter?

“And for you sir, what would you like?” the waiter asked Peter.

“Give me another minute,” he replied rudely.

“Yes sir.” Mike smiled. “Then I’ll be back to receive your order.”

Rainie looked at Peter and her father, both with their heads facing down on the table, and whispered something quick to Mike.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

He only replied with a sly wink. The hell did that mean? She continued to watch Mike, as he headed to Ariel’s table.

“Can I start you off with a drink ma’am- I mean sir!” Mike absent-mindedly said loud enough for Rainie’s table to hear.

“Uh, yes,” Ariel said in a deep voice. “Water will be fine.”

“Coming up,” Mike replied before making his way past Joe’s table, where the pitcher of water was.

Mike grabbed the pitcher on top of the counter, and walked towards the three tables. He was nervous but he knew what he had to do. It was crucial that he had to get this right. Joe turned his head to give Mike the signal. With a quick nod, Mike walked the line towards his mission.

“Geez!” Peter sighed angrily. “I’ve lost my entire appetite.”

“Peter, don’t like this,” Rainie’s father tried to pacify him.

“I’m sorry Mr. Yang, but this has gone far-ENNNOUUUUGH!!!” Peter screamed right before Mike doused his entire body with the water pitcher.

“Oh I am so sorry,” Mike said calmly, as if it were nothing. “Water comes right out, don’t worry.”

“You inconsiderate clod! This suit doesn’t take liquid all that lightly!” Peter screamed.

“Do not scream at him!” Rainie defended Mike. “It was just an accident.”

“Please, this is a restaurant. Keep some decency within your speech, both of you,” her father said trying to calm everyone down. “Peter, just go dry yourself up and return quickly.”

Peter glared at Mike before leaving and stomped his way towards the restroom. Joe, prepared to follow his every move, quickly got up from his seat and readied his dress for his own mission.

“Stupid waiter…” Peter mumbled to himself as he shook from head to toe.

“You know, not every man looks good drenched,” Joe smirked from behind.

“This is none of your business…” Peter replied rudely before turning around and stared in awe, the magnificent beauty before him.

“True,” Joe flirted back. “But…”

“I’m sorry for interrupting,” Peter continued, as he gawked at Joe’s never ending legs up to his face, which was surely plastered with 5 pounds of foundation and 3 layers of makeup. “But you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Joe thought about this for a second. Dang, was Peter deprived as a child or something? “Most beautiful woman he has ever seen.” Geez, how laughable was that? Such a line could only be uttered by a true flirt.

“Oh you’re too fresh,” Joe giggled lightly.

“I’m being honest,” Peter smiled. “From the first time I saw you walking down the aisle and sitting in the table next to me, I could feel that you were different from any other girl I’ve ever met.”

Joe laughed. “You’d be surprised how many times I get that response.”

“Then I suspect you already know that you are truly a special lady,” Peter replied with a smirk.

Geez, what a corn ball, Joe thought.

“I barely met you sir,” Joe slyly remarked. “What makes me so special?”


Back in the restaurant, Rainie and her father were left alone as they waited for Peter. Ariel sat quietly by herself to inspect any damage that came out of Mike’s mission. Hopefully nothing too bad was happening to Joe. Mike on the other hand was on the other side of Rainie’s booth table, listening intently to her conversation with her father.

“So you’d think you can bribe me into marrying him?” Rainie asked out of astonishment.

“I cannot let my only daughter to survive on her own, whether or not you think you can,” he replied. “I am offering you your dream job. Once you marry Peter, you may become the architect you have always dreamed of.”

“You’d let me become an architect if I marry a man I despise?” she asked angrily. “I do not love him!”

“Rainie!” he groaned. “This isn’t about love; this is about security and a planned life!”

“NO! I don’t accept your agreement! I won’t marry him!”

“RAIN…” her father yelled half way just as he clutched his throat.

“Dad?” Rainie asked. “Dad, what’s the matter?”

“I’m…chok…ing!” he struggled to say.

“Oh, my god! Somebody help! Help, he’s choking!” Rainie screamed as she held onto her father.

From behind, Mike jumped from the other side of the booth to the back of Rainie’s father and proceeded to do the Heimlich on him.

“One…more!” Mike yelled as he gave one more thrust onto her father’s chest. Soon enough he coughed up his food and gasped for air.

“Are you alright, Mr. Yang?” Mike asked sincerely concerned for Rainie’s father.

“Yes, yes,” he said, calming his heart. “I am fine, thank you…Mike?”

“Oh,” Mike said. That’s right, Mr. Yang could easily recognize him. “Haha, yeah it’s me.”

“When did you start working here I thought you owned your own company?” Rainie’s father asked suspiciously.

But before he could answer, Joe barges into the restaurant with a very shocked expression on his face.

“Wait!” Peter yelled after him. “You haven’t replied to me!”

“I said NO!” Joe barked. “I will not MARRY YOU!”

“WHAT!?!?!” Both Rainie and Ariel screamed, as they got off their seats.



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