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Chapter 33

The next day, Mike biked all the way to the big city to meet with Rainie’s father. He was dressed like he would on a standard job interview and was deathly afraid of what he was about to do; confess. Of course he could have shouted to the world, his love for Rainie, but to do it front of her father, a multimillionaire with enough power to rip Mike from the ground up financially…I think not. Besides, Mike wanted Mr. Yang’s approval; he is a family man after all.

Stepping onto the cold concrete floor and staring in front of him, Mike looked at his adversary; a daunting skyscraper that held his nightmare in a single room.

“I can do this…” Mike whimpered. “There’s nothing to this. I’ll just step inside and be honest, intelligent and charismatic yet strong.”

He nodded to himself as he thought about his bogus approach to impress her father.

“I am soooo going to die,” Mike said aloud as he finally stepped into the building.

He looked up at the itinerary and gawked in awe, the thousand upon thousands of names that were in front of him. Where should he begin? Pointing a stiff finger at the name board, Mike shoots his arm straight up and there it was; Mr. Ron Yang.

“Ok,” he reassured himself. “So Hell is on the eighty-millionth floor.”

Making his way closer and closer to his meeting with Rainie’s father, Mike grew more and more apprehensive. Who knew what her father had planned today? Was he going to accept their relationship, or was he going to reject it? Did he have hit men in the room to make sure he was “taken care of?” Oh lord, Mike thought. What if he brainwashed Rainie and she was going to break up with him?! Then again…Mike was never the one to think logically, so the closer he was to the meeting, the more outrageous his thoughts became.

“Ok, calm down Mike He,” he whispered to himself, taking a few more breathes.

Soon he found himself in front of the Ron’s office. The door itself was intimidating enough! What was he to do now? There’s no turning back…oh why oh why did Rainie have to be so cute for? Suddenly Mike snapped out of his dream world.

“Come in,” boomed the voice inside the office.

Mike twisted the golden handle and poked his head into the office. The office itself was very spacious and roomy. It even had its own gorgeous view of the city. Above all, though was the desk; a large, dark table that would soon separate Mike and Ron.

“Have a seat, Mike,” Ron said firmly.

Mike only nodded and then took a seat quickly.

“I guess we shouldn’t converse in small talk, since this is a serious matter, right Mr. He?” he said indifferently.

“R-right,” Mike stuttered.

“You wish to embark in a relationship with my daughter?” Ron asked, right off the bat.
“Uh, yes,” Mike smiled a little.

“That is your answer?” he continued to probe seriously.

“Mmhmm,” Mike said a bit shyly.

“Can you see my problem with that?” he suddenly asked bluntly.

Mike looked upward, as if for some reason the answer would be floating above his head, ready to be picked out and revealed.

“I’m sorry, I can’t” Mike replied naively as he shook his head.

“I can tell you really like my daughter, but I just simply can’t approve of your romantic association with her,” Ron explained. “As you know, I have enjoyed working with you when it comes to celebratory affairs. This however is a personal issue and I can’t allow for my daughter to be with someone who can’t reassure me with confidence.”

“Are you saying,” Mike pried, trying to understand Ron. “That you don’t approve of me because we just barely got together?”

“I’m saying,” he clarified. “That I don’t approve of your relationship because you two have yet to show me that it is a solid guarantee. How do I know that you will protect her forever and be willing to fight for her no matter who or what stood in the way? If you wanted to show me before, you should have not waited this long to tell me about the relationship.”

Well he was right about that, Mike thought. Why did he wait this long?

“Mike, I truly love my daughter and am willing to set aside her frivolous love for you to give her the life she deserves,” Ron further explained. “Even if she doesn’t love the man I choose to marry her, she will receive the benefits.”

“Benefit?” Mike questioned. “What benefit is there for a marriage if there is no love?”

“She will grow to love him,” he said frankly. “That is not the issue at hand. The problem is that I will not be here forever to guard her and protect her when she needs me to and above all, I treasure her the most.”

“If you don’t mind me asking,” Mike scoffed lightly. “If you truly treasured your daughter, shouldn’t you let her decide how to live her own life?”

“That would seem to not be the case here,” Ron answered with a sigh. “She has yet to choose a fitting career and she has not looked at her future more crucially. Therefore I have to make some choices and sacrifices for her along the way. She might not like them, but at least it shows some progression.”

Mike had had enough of her father’s ignorance towards Rainie. He had a false love for her and it broke Mike’s heart to know that even though her father had spoken with some hint of humanity, there was no compassion in his words.

“You don’t really love her. You speak as if she is some sort of property,” Mike hissed. “She deserves more than just security and benefits. She deserves something that is intangible and that is what I can offer her! I won’t lose her over some ridiculous claim that I can’t support her. It’s not always about money!”

“Then, sir,” Ron firmly growled. “What can you possibly offer her as you both rot in the depths of poverty?

“Affection; something you never gave her since she was born,” Mike strongly answered. “If you truly believed that you gave her all she needed as a child, then why would she secretly have an affair with me? If you really loved her, why would you stop her from being the architecture she always wanted?”

Ron only scoffed at Mike’s naivety.

“To know all the answers to the questions that you’ve asked is to live my life and you, sir, have not lived a day in my shoes,” Ron insulted. “Everything can be bought!”

“How little of life do you really know,” Mike snickered out loud.

“So you’re telling me your own love cannot be bought?” Ron smirked smugly. “What about your mother?”

“What about my mother?” Mike inquired. “What has this got to do with her?”

“Hospital bills need to be paid for. Her operation needs to be paid too, am I right?” Ron said as he continued to pull Mike’s arm. “Money…can erase them all.”

“What are you saying?” Mike suspiciously asked.

“Get it through your head! If you break your little relationship off with Rainie, all your burdens will be gone! I will pay for the operation and all the hospital bills. It’s all up to you.”

For once in his life, Mike didn’t have a clear answer. It’ll all be over, Mike thought. His constant worry over his mother and his fear of losing her for some god forsaken disease…will be history. But on the other hand, he’ll lose Rainie.

“So…do we have a deal?”



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