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Chapter 37

Mike had a reason for leaving Rainie, but no matter if it was a good one or bad one, he promised himself that he wouldn’t utter it to anyone unless they were dead. Deep in his heart he believed he did the right thing…but why did it hurt him so much? Still locked in his room, Mike stayed in his bed, unmoving, and closed his eyes as he listened to the rest of the world enjoy life.

“Mike!” Joe screamed. “It’s time for lunch! C’mon it’s been ages since you got out of that room! At least come out to eat!”

As the door slowly creak open, Joe saw Mike in a very unusual state; his eyes were dark and redder than usual, his body drooped lower and he seemed dead tired.

“Whoa!” he said in surprise. “Are you serving tea under those bags in your eyes?”

“Whatever,” Mike spat. “Where’s the food?”

“Didn’t make any,” Joe smirked. “This is an intervention.”

Mike answered bluntly. “I’m not in the mood.”

“Who’s ever in the mood to be intervened?” Joe scoffed.

Suddenly Joe lifted Mike off the ground and saddled him onto his back.

“W-WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!” Mike screamed.

“Intervention!” Joe smiled. “I am not going to put you down, until you tell me everything.”

“This is INSANE!” he screamed.

“This is exactly what you would do to me, if I ever needed an intervention,” Joe replied slyly. “In fact, this IS what you did to me when I broke up with Karen!”

“Put me DOWN!” Mike screamed.

But Joe didn’t put him down. Instead Joe took him to the balcony and started screaming that Mike was his lover and that they’ve been in love for the longest time.

“HIS BUTT BELONGS TO ME!” Joe shouted as he patted Mike’s behind like a bongo.


“Still not talking huh?” Joe furtively remarked. “OK, then I guess, its time for plan B.”

Dropping Mike on the floor with a dull thud, Joe makes his way to the phone.

“Wha-What are you doing now?” Mike nervously asked.

“Two words: Your mother!” Joe counted on his fingers.

Mike widened his eyes.

“Oh no, not my mother!” Mike screamed. “You promised that you would never bring my mother into an argument!”

“Yeah, cause I knew she’d bust your behind faster than any laxative!” Joe threatened as he dialed a number at a time. “You wanna tell me now? Or should I tell your mother to do it for me?”

“You-woudn’t-DAARE!” Mike growled as he struggled to get to his feet.

“6…” Joe began to dial slowly as Mike’s eyes grew bigger and bigger.

“Why you gotta pull momma into this!? Mike pouted fiercely.


“What is this?! Are you bored or something?” Mike shouted pitifully. “Do you even HAVE a job anymore!?!?”


“You press one more number, and I’m going to screw a light bulb up your behind!” Mike scowled.

“8!” Joe shouted angrily as he gleefully jammed his finger unto the button, ready to take any threat.

“THAT’S IT!” Mike screamed. “AAAAHHH!”

Without hesitation Mike climbed onto Joe’s back and forcefully tried to pull him down to get that darn phone out of his hands!

“GIVE ME THE PHONE, JOE!” Mike yelled.

“…2!” Joe croaked as he barely touched the dials. “Tell me now…or Imma keep this up!”

“Not-another-word-out-of-you!” Mike childishly scolded, as he grabbed the phone away from Joe. “HA! Try calling her now!”

But Mike should never underestimate the likes of Joe Cheng. With a quick tap on Mike’s hand, Joe knocks the phone off and caught it freely.

“For that….3!” Joe screamed with enthusiasm.

“Hey! I thought you never wanted to hear about this kinda crap?” Mike asked sarcastically.

“Normally I wouldn’t,” Joe said, putting down the receiver. “…so explain.”

“You really want to know?” Mike sighed angrily.

“No, not really,” Joe bluntly replied, with a slight seriousness in his voice. “I’d much rather be doing something more meaningful…like watching paint dry…”

“You-are-not-funny!” Mike hissed.

Joe threw a playful fist at him. “Dude, just tell me!”

Mike took a deep breathe and slowly left his mind from its quiet place and entered his fear. Choked up from his own emotions, he began slowly to explain.

“I chose to give up on her because everything got too complicated,” he truthfully admitted. “You and I both know that I am a simple man with simple wishes in life. I don’t go around making unrealistic goals that I will never accomplish.”

“Are you kidding me??” Joe bluntly asked. “YOU are perhaps the most unrealistic person I have ever met! When have you EVER been REALISTIC??”

“Well would you stay in a relationship, where the father of your girlfriend hates you so much that he’d offer to pay your mother’s piling hospital bills just so you’d stop seeing his daughter?” Mike seriously asked.

Joe was silent for a moment before he spoke. He knew Mike more than Mike knew himself. His actions these past few weeks were already out of character, but now knowing everything he has to know, he can feel pity for his friend. Did that mean that Mike had Rainie’s father pay for his mother’s hospital bills? No, no way! Mike would never do something like that…right?

“He hates me,” Mike reiterated. “He said there was no way I could take care of her. In a way, I am beginning to believe it as truth. I really can’t protect her forever. How capable am I with only a catering job to support a woman who’s been living her whole life in luxury?!”

Another retaliation by the rich man, Joe thought. Everything always revolved around money for the rich, upper class. This sickened him. First he himself was cast off by Karen, a woman who engulfed herself to a life of being a part of the “wealthy” reject pile and now his best friend had suffered the consequences of those snooty upper classmen himself. But…this was different. This was about Rainie and Mike had discarded everything she felt.

“Even though I love her, my love won’t be able to go through reality,” he nodded. “Am I really going to feed my family with LOVE? How stupid does that sound?”

“Aren’t you the one who keeps telling me that love conquers all and that whole romantic stuff?” Joe frowned.

“Yea, but that was a load of crap,” Mike shook his head awake. “Even though she’ll marry someone she doesn’t love now, she’ll learn to love him. Isn’t that every fairytale? Hating someone at first then loving him to no end? Knowing Rainie, she’ll hate him for a very long time…but that only means she’ll fall harder for him. Isn’t that every girl’s wish?”

Suddenly Joe got really scared because for once in his life, Mike had lost a dream. For his friend to lose so much confidence and optimism, it really frightened Joe. It was as if Mike was slowly debilitating before him.

“I think it’s about time I start going back to work,” Mike smiled a bit.

“I think you’re making a big mistake,” Joe snapped back to the original problem.

Mike scoffed “Trust me I’m doing the right thing.”

“Well,” Joe started, as he got off his chair. “I might not know what you’re going though but I know what you’re feeling in terms of not being good enough. Trust me when I say this; you’ll never be happy with this decision. I want you to know that.”



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