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Chapter 40

“Y-you don’t know how to?” Rainie sputtered.

Those few words, insignificant if they were individually displayed, but melted together by Mike’s cruel intentions, gave a phrase worth using to finish off Rainie’s battered soul. She felt her heart beat lose its grip and her breathe taken right out of her mouth. What was she to do now?

“I’m sorry Rainie, but I…its just kind of hard for me to explain- you wouldn’t understand,” Mike selfishly said.

“I wouldn’t understand,” she croaked. “Understand what? Understand that everything we’ve been through ultimately meant nothing to you!?”


“Then what?!” she cried. “From the moment I met you, I had this incredible feeling at the pit of my stomach that you were different from any regular guy. You were this bright, funny, smart fool that I eventually fell in love with and now? Now I see…just a fool. Where’s the guy I met so long ago at the restaurant…even in Japan? Where is he?”

The pure surrender in her voice startled Mike. He no longer saw Rainie standing in front of him; not the Rainie who was always brave, independent and strong. This time a vulnerable human being, desperate for his love, was waning away.

“I’m getting married in less than a month Mike, and I’m going through with it,” she said, interrupting his thoughts. “But if you finally realize what a jerk you’ve been this whole time and give me back my boyfriend…”

It was getting hard for Rainie not to cry, and she knew what she had to say but she never knew it would be this hard. She’s replayed this scene in her mind a thousand times, but she thought she’d be stronger than this…it was so much harder than she could ever have imagined. Wiping a stray tear with the palm of her hand, Rainie stopped herself to gain some composure before starting up again.

“If you tell me not to marry Peter, then I won’t. If you tell me to forgive you then I will; that’s all. Because I love you and when someone loves someone else that’s what they do; they forgive others for dumb mistakes. It’s just…it’s just hard to forgive you when you won’t even give us a chance to be together again.”

Then it hit him hard, like a punch in the face. What the hell was he doing? He wasn’t being himself; no, no way. The real Mike, the Mike he thought he was, would have never acted the way he did to Rainie. What on Earth was happening to him? It was weird; Mike felt like he wasn’t even wearing his own skin, his own hair…this body wasn’t his, this mind was not his! This was it; Mike’s own head felt like it was about to explode if he didn’t release this inner demon and there was only one way to do it.

“R-R-Rainie?” Mike replied, struggling to find his real voice.

“Yeah?” she softly said.

“K-kiss me,” Mike stuttered, anticipating her next move.

“Huh?” Rainie frowned. “What did you say?”

“I asked…if you could kiss me,” he answered a bit too softly. Apparently finding “himself” was more difficult than he thought.

“W-What? I couldn’t really hear you. Can you repeat it?” Rainie strained her ear close to his face.

“Um…I…” Nope, this wasn’t the Mike he knew either. “Ah, to hell with this! You’re too slow!”

Forcefully pulling Rainie closer to him Mike took his advantage and finally, after weeks that seemed like an eternity of being a droning mess, kissed those delicate lips that he oh so longed for. He kissed her passionately and with every fleeting moment he had with her in those moments his heart began to own his soul. Mike could feel Rainie’s pattering and fluttered heartbeat next to his own; beating together in perfect harmony. After a couple wonderful moments he stops kissing her and looks at her smile from rosy to cheek to rosy cheek.

“YES!” she happily jumped up. “You’re back! Love you, love you LOVE YOU!!!”

“HAHA, Joe was right, your kisses are poisonous,” Mike joked, before Rainie pouted hard. “Without it, I become too human and think too much; can’t be myself and go crazy!”

Rainie giggled a bit at that; “You certainly can turn into a horrible monster without me.”

“Well as long I get my daily doses, I think I’ll be able to live,” he slyly smirked. “And seeing as I lost about 3-5 weeks of being with you…times that by at least 5 kisses within a second…holy macaroni! I’m in a dire situation here lady! I’m going to need 5 million CC’s of your lips now!”

“Hey!” she playfully stopped him. “You’re not out of the dog house yet, Mister.”

“WHAT!? I thought you said you’d forgive me if I wanted you to!?” he defended.

“Did I say that?” she feigned ignorance. “I don’t recall…”

“It was like 5 minutes ago!” Mike explained with his hands on Rainie’s hips.

“Must have slipped my mind,” she smiled a bit, wrapping her arms around Mike. “You, little boy, are in deep trouble for putting me through all that.”

“Can we settle that later and kiss and make up now?” Mike smiled with glee.


“AWWWW, SANDWICHES!!!!” Mike pouted, as he attempted to swear.

“HAHA! I’m telling you; you don’t mess with my emotions or all Hell will break loose! First thing is first, you must take me out.”

Mike looked at the dark sky and the dropping heavy clouds that engulfed the sun. Although it was late afternoon, the sky gave an ominous feeling.

“Right now? But it looks like it might rain,” Mike reasoned.

“So?” Rainie shrugged. “As long as we have each other, nothing else really matters.”

“Hmm, I’d much rather be kissing you though,” he nodded. “But whatever you want, I shall obey because sadly I am STILL in the dog house, even though I specifically heard you say…”

“You really want to repeat what I said?” she threatened in a low tone, raising her high brow.

“I’ll be good,” he smiled.

Wrapping his arms around Rainie’s waist from behind and resting his chin on her shoulder, Mike guided her through the street and walked several times around the city happily. From that moment on, everything was perfect; eating a late lunch together, sitting under a tree, walking down the boardwalk and numerous other things were done with bliss and tranquility. As day turned into night, it was time for Mike to walk Rainie home.

“So how are we going to handle the problem with your dad?” Mike suddenly asked. “I mean, we’re going to face him sooner or later.”

“Can we not talk about him so soon,” she sighed. “Don’t go and kill the moment.”

“Rainie, I am being serious,” Mike tapped her head lightly with his own. What about being an architect? Isn’t he only letting you follow your dream if you stop seeing me?”

“I know, I know,” she sighed. “But don’t worry so much about that. We’ll figure out something, we always do! If not then we’ll have Ariel and Joe do it for us! HAHAH!”

“Oh man that is just downright creepy!” Mike suddenly said.

“What? What is? You’re not making any sense,” Rainie frowned.

“You’re becoming me and I’m becoming you!” he realized.

Now that’s a weird thing to say to a girl…well to anybody really.

“What?” Rainie replied a bit confused.

“Think about it! I keep thinking of the realistic outcomes and worries while you just smile and say something optimistic!”

“Well don’t feel bad about it. We’re influencing each other,” Rainie giggled. “This is what happens when couples stick together for a long time.”

“I guess,” Mike shrugged. “Still creepy though.”

“Well, I guess I should go in now,” Rainie reluctantly said. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Sure,” Mike smiled as he gives her a kiss on the cheek. “Remember to call me ok?”

“I will,” Rainie nodded back, before giving him a big hug.

Rainie slowly unlocks the front door with her keys and then gives it a small push for it to open up a crack. She turns around to give Mike a final goodbye but instead he gives her another kiss.

“If you keep this up, we might never leave this place,” Rainie joked with a small smile.

“I’m OK with that,” Mike nodded happily.

“Go home,” Rainie laughed.

“Ok, but not until you kiss me again,” he slyly remarked.

“You just kissed me!” she rolled her eyes in amusement. “You’re getting greedy.”

“Yes, yes I am,” he seriously replied. “But can you blame me?”

“Ok, but you have to close your eyes,” she warned.

Quickly, Mike closes his eyes shut and puckers his lips in anticipation of that dangerous kiss Rainie has in store for him. She winces a bit out of embarrassment but kisses him lightly to the much dismay of Mike, who was dissatisfied so he gave his own light pecks.

“I-need-to-go-in-now!” Rainie laughed in between each brief kiss.

“Love-you-love-you-love-love-love-love-YOU!!!” he managed to say before Rainie closed the door. Giggling to herself, Rainie sighed a bit to release anymore excitement floating in her body.

Suddenly she hears a noise from the kitchen but the lights weren’t on.

“Ariel?” she calls out.

“UH…uh yeah, it’s me!” Ariel screamed back without showing her face or peeking to see Rainie.

“You ok?” Rainie asks suspiciously from the living room.

“Just trying to make something to eat!” Ariel nervously laughed back.

“Oh, well turn on the lights or something, girl, don’t be so stupid!” Rainie laughed out loud.

“Oh, ok dear, I got it!” she sputtered as more pans dropped.

“Uh, listen I’m going to sleep now, but if you need any help-

“NO! Uh, don’t come in, it’s…it’s uh…there’s too much smoke! Yeah, smoke! So…uh just go to sleep and I’ll see ya in the morning k?” Ariel lied, as Rainie peers in from afar to see a part of the clear kitchen.

“Ok, well then I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, g’night.”

Making her way up the stairs Rainie smiles at what had just happened during her date with Mike. Giving out one more sigh, she thinks, what does the world have in store for her tomorrow?

From the kitchen, Ariel peers her head out and examines the living room. Tiptoeing across, she peers into the second floor to see if Rainie locked her bedroom door. Suddenly, someone’s hand fell on her left shoulder and rested his head on her right.

“Do you think we got caught?” Joe asks Ariel from behind.



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