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Chapter 41

Mike woke up from his quiet nap on his bed, with a smile on his face. He see’s a beautiful image hovering in front of him and sniggered. Rainie had already been up cleaning his messy room while he quietly snored away the afternoon.

“I see London, I see France,” he joked.

“Hey!” Rainie pouted, as she turned around. “No peeking…naughty little boy!”

“You can’t blame a man for looking,” he smirked.

“I have to go back home now Mike,” she spoke softly, brushing away a few strands of hair off his eyes. “Make sure you finish cleaning this place before I come back tomorrow…and it better be clean!”

Mike stuck his tongue out a bit. “You know I hate cleaning.”

“I know.” Rainie rolled her eyes and smirked. “You should really take better care of yourself. Your mother is finally out of the hospital and she’s going to want to come to visit you. I don’t want her knowing that even though you’re a guy, your girlfriend hasn’t gotten the decency to nag at you to do simple chores.”

Mike only yawned and nodded at her constant soft scoldings before giving a deep sigh.

“I’ll do it, but only on one condition,” he asked as he rocked his tired head on his hand.

Slyly, he smiled widely and tapped at his lips with his index finger and Rainie only scoffed. She knew exactly what the condition was, but she wasn’t about it give it to him so easily.

“Nice try, slick,” she mocked him. “Do your chores! It’s bad enough I’m doing half of it for you.”

“Hey,” he called for her with his eyes closed shut. “How about you come with me to dinner tonight?”

“Can’t,” she sighed. “My dad is finally out of town and I have to take care of the house.”

Mike snapped out of his tired position and grabbed a hold of her.

“You mean…you have the whole entire house to yourself?” Mike asked curiously.

“I know what you’re thinking!” Rainie raised an eyebrow. “Don’t think just because he isn’t there, we can spend time together; we still have to be careful. Why else would we always meet here?”

“True…” Mike pouted back. But I’m tired of not going out. We can’t do anything here because Joe is always around and he still hasn’t got a clue that I got back together with you.”

“Can’t he tell?” she joked. “I mean you’ve been sooo much happier!”

“Don’t be so cocky,” Mike nudged at her.

“Oh come on!” Rainie laughed. “You know you have! I can see it! Look at that cute smile…”

“Don’t pinch the cheeks!” He screamed back, wincing at the anticipation. “They’re precious!”

“MUAHHH!” Landing a kiss on his cheek, Rainie gave Mike a tight hug. “OK fine, you can come over, but you have to be careful. Ariel is still staying with us and I haven’t told her about us yet so don’t you go and blow our cover!”

“But,” Mike began. “I thought she was your best friend. Why haven’t you told her?

“I…I…” she stuttered. “Well why haven’t you told Joe?”

“Joe doesn’t like you,” Mike answered bluntly.

“What are you talking about?!” she said in shock. “Hey! What about that time when he helped me to get Peter to stop the arranged marriage? He practically dressed up as a girl for ME!”

“Well it was for me too,” Mike reasoned. “I AM his best friend.”

“How about the time when he carried me back to your place in the middle of night,” she argued back. “I didn’t see you coming to my rescue. Only a good friend would have done what he did.”

“Yes, that is true,” Mike nodded a bit. “He also dressed up as bush in the middle of the night just to break us up. Not to mention all the other schemes he had plotted before hand which he thought I didn’t know about, but I did. What’d you think about that!”

Rainie’s smile turned quicker than her face would allow her and gave a deep sigh to release her pent up frustration.

“I’m going to kill that man,” she growled under her breath.

“I’ll miss him,” Mike joked. “But seriously, I haven’t told Joe about us because the last time we openly revealed our relationship, it didn’t work out that well.”

“My sentiments exactly!” Rainie agreed. “That’s why I think its best if we kept our relationship a secret. But only till the timing is right.”

“Agreed,” Mike nodded. “After everything is settled, we can allow others to know about us. But…how long will that take?”

“I don’t know…I guess we’ll have to find out.”

“I’ll walk you out,” Mike finally responded as he led her out of the bedroom.

Suddenly as Mike opened his door, Joe came in from the balcony. Mike quickly pushed Rainie into his room and slammed his door shut behind him.

“JOE!” Mike screamed with bulged eyes.

“MIKE!” he screamed back with the same amount of intensity. “What are you doing here?”

“What do you mean what am I doing here? I live here remember?” Mike frowned.

“Uh…no man! What I meant was what are you doing here NOW? Don’t you have work?” Joe asked suspiciously.

“No, it’s my day off,” Mike said, shifting his eyes back and forth. “What were you doing at the balcony all of a sudden? It’s freezing! What is it like 40 degrees out there?”

“UH….n-naw man!” Joe sputtered. “It actually quite warm.”

“Really?” Mike said getting really curious and forgetting that Rainie needed to head home. “I wanna see!”

“Wait MIKE!” Joe interrupted.

But he was too late; Mike was already out by the ledge and peering into the scenery.

“Phew! It really is cold out there!” he shivered as he headed back. “OH GEEZ!”

“What’s the matter?” Joe asked.

“I forgot something?” Mike slapped his forehead. “Um…can I ask you to do me a favor?”

“Anything,” Joe nodded back in response.

“Can you…um…can you get me a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom!” Mike asked unnecessarily.

“Why? We only have one bathroom. Why would you need-

“Just get me the damn TOILET PAPER!” Mike suddenly hissed. “UH…I kinda had a spill on my sheets the other day.”

Joe looked him up and down, and gave him kind of a disgusted look back.

“OH NO THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!!!” Mike tried to reason with him. “I spilled some orange juice the other day and-

“Orange juice huh?” Joe laughed. “Is that what kids call it these days?”

“Come on!!” Mike pled. “I can explain!”

“You know what, I don’t even want to know,” Joe laughed. “It’s none of my business.”

“NOOOOO!!!” Mike winced. “It’s not like THAT!”

“Just so you know Mike,” Joe answered. “They have prescriptions for that you know. They even have ‘adult’ toiletries for that kind of problem.”

“Why won’t you BELIEVE me!” Mike said very annoyed.

“Like I said, it’s none of my business,” Joe said before heading into the bathroom.

As Joe goes into the room, Mike slams the door shut behind him.

“HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!” Joe screamed at the door.

“NOTHING!” Mike lied. “What are you talking about???”

Rainie suddenly, ran out of Mike’s room, gave him a kiss goodbye and took off as she went out of their apartment. As the door shuts behind her, Mike lets go of the door and it swings open, hitting Joe on the face.

“OOOOWWW!” he screamed.

“I told you I didn’t do anything!” Mike lied.

Joe held onto his nose and came up to Mike.

“You know I hate practical jokes!” Joe screamed again. “Here’s your stupid toilet paper. I hope you know that I’m telling everyone we know that you still wet your pants!”

“HEY!!!” Mike frowned. “I didn’t do anything!!!”

“Go back to your room in shame!!!” Joe hissed.

Solemnly, Mike marched his feet into his room and Joe winced at the pain in this nose.

“Holy crap!” he suddenly yelled as he looked back to the balcony. Quickly he slid open the balcony doors and into the cold where he looked over the ledge and saw Ariel hanging over with a frozen expression on her face.

“D-did w-we g-g-g-et c-c-c-caught?” she shivered.



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