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Chapter 42

It was late in the afternoon when Mike and Rainie decided to sneak into her house and have Mike spend the night without anyone knowing. Rainie creaked open the front door and peered inside.

“We’re clear,” she whispered to Mike. “Come on in, before Ariel see’s you.”

“Where is she anyways?” he asked as he hid behind a vase.

“I don’t know, but we have to be very, very…quiet,” she answered.

Slowly they crept up the stairs with hints of laughter along the way. They were sure that they were going to get caught but that just made things a lot more fun. As Rainie unlocks her bedroom door, she hears the doorknob from the next room click open and suddenly see’s Ariel.

“Ariel!!!” Rainie screamed as she shoved Mike into the room and slammed her door shut.

Gripping onto her chest, Ariel tries to compose herself, “Don’t do that! You screamed so loud, even the deaf would complain!”

“Uh-uh…w-what are you doing here?” Rainie anxiously asked.

“Me? I was just sleeping a bit and then I heard something outside my door,” Ariel answered frankly. “I thought you were going out of town with your father.”

“Oh, no,” Rainie shook her head. “I told him I couldn’t because I have things to do.”

“You never told me!” Ariel frowned. “I thought I was going to be home all alone! OH!!! That means we can go shopping!”

“NO!” Rainie yelled in shock. “C-can’t. I have this thing…to do. You know…that thing.”

“What thing?” Ariel frowned harder.

“You know…that…thing,” Rainie incoherently spat out.

Rainie shifted her eyes back and forth hoping Ariel wasn’t suspicious of her but she only saw Ariel frown deeper and deeper. Ariel crossed her arms, making Rainie more and more unsteady.

“OK!” Ariel smiled abruptly after a long while. “I’ll just go out with Joe then.”

“Great idea!” Rainie agreed hastily, sighing to herself. “I have always said that he was a good man.”

“I thought you hated him,” Ariel thought.

“Why does everyone think we dislike each other?” Rainie said, throwing her arms in the air. “I like Joe, he’s a good guy.”

“You referred to him as ‘crippled Shamu’ for like a month,” Ariel laughed.

“People change,” Rainie shrugged.

“You don’t…LIKE him do you??” Ariel asked curiously.

“NO!!!!” Rainie said scrunching up her face as if she smelled some bad fish. “Why? Do YOU like him…?”

“Of course not! Why would you even ask that?!” Ariel nervously took offense.

“It was just a question,” Rainie defended herself. “You asked me, so I asked you.”

“Oh,” Ariel shifted her body awkwardly. “Well, anyways you want anything?”

“No,” Rainie quickly answered. “Now hurry and go so you don’t keep Joe waiting.”

“Wait, hold up,” Ariel frowned as Rainie tried pushing her out the door. “I haven’t even called him up yet! What’s the rush? I have all day.”

Well this was certainly getting Rainie nowhere and if she wanted to spend some time with Mike, she wasn’t going to spend a lot of time. Then it donned on her; the only thing that would give Mike and herself enough time to spend a decent night together.

“Come to think of it, I do need you to pick up something for me,” Rainie said suddenly.

“What is it?” Ariel asked kindly.

“Leather slacks!” Rainie nodded.

“RAINIE!” Ariel said in disgust. “I was thinking along the lines of Italian or Mexican food, not…leather slacks! For Pete sake, leather slacks?!?!? Where are you heading to, the wild west??”

“I really need them though,” Rainie pled.

“I don’t even know where to BUY any leather slacks.”

“I know a place!” Rainie smiled happily. “It’s at the Greek’s plaza.”

“THE GREEK’S PLAZA!?!?!?!” screamed Ariel. “That’s like a 2 hour drive!”

“Yeah, I know” Rainie nodded back, seemingly oblivious to that fact. “But you can get anything there.”

“I guess…”

“Well, what are you waiting for? Get going!” Rainie pushed Ariel further to the door.

“Hold up, if I’m going to the plaza I have to dress warm,” Ariel said, pushing Rainie back and going into her room.

“OK, well take your time,” Rainie ended, as she rushed back into her own room where Mike had quietly been waiting.

Entering her room hastily, Rainie shuts the door behind her and sighs deeply with her eyes wide open. Mike had been hiding on the other side of her bed, hoping to God he wouldn’t get caught.

“Can I come out now?” he asked as he poked his head up to see Rainie.

“Yeah, she just wanted to go shopping with me, but I told her I couldn’t so she’s going out with Joe instead,”

Rainie explained. “I told her to get me something from the Greek’s plaza, so they’ll be gone for a while.”

“Ah,” Mike raised his head. So it’s just you and me huh?”

“Mm,” Rainie said in agreement.


Mike leaned in closer to her and pressed his body next to hers, letting their warmth calm their beating hearts. Rainie’s face flushed a bit and she lowered her head from being too embarrassed. But Mike tilted her chin ever so slowly and headed for the kiss. Closer and closer…

“Hey Rainie!”

Suddenly, the door swung forward and hit Rainie on the back of the head. It was Ariel nonchalantly pushing the door open wider and wider. Quickly, Mike hid behind the door and Rainie tried to compose herself.

“What do you think of this for tonight?” Ariel asked while she up two sweaters “Or this?”

“Um…the one on the left,” Rainie chose quickly.

“Left it is,” Ariel smiled and headed back to her room.

Rainie closed the door and stood in shock. The adrenaline was rushing so fast, she could hardly catch her breathe.

“I can’t believe we almost got caught,” she laughed. “That was sooo scary!”

“I know, my hearts beating so fast,” Mike laughed along.

“Hey Rainie!”

Another interruption from her dear friend, as Mike quickly jumped behind a plant and Rainie was left wide eyed.

“So leather slacks? Really?” she asked in disbelief.

“YEAH!” Was the only thing Rainie could have thought of saying at that moment.

“Ok…your choice,” Ariel shrugged as she closed the door shut again.

“She’s really got to stop doing that,” Mike joked as his breathe fell short.

“Hey Rainie!”

Not even given time to recuperate, Mike jumps out of the way and into a houseplant.

“Oh never mind, I got it!” Ariel yelled from the door. “Left it is.”

“Is it over?” Mike whispered. “Gah! This house plant has thorns!”

“That’s because it’s a cactus” Rainie laughed. “And those are spines, not thorns.”

“OW!” he winced, pulling the sharp prickers off his butt. “Well at least we didn’t get caught. Now where was I?”

“Wait a minute,” Rainie laughed as Mike tried to kiss her again. “Let me catch my breath, she scared me!”

“I’ll give you something to lose your breathe to,” Mike said seductively as he leaned in for the soft kiss.

Rainie wrapped her arms around his neck as he continued to draw her body closer to his. Leaving small pecks on her lips, Mike continued to sweetly kiss her, while Rainie let out an uncontrollable smile. Making their way to the bed Mike delicately places Rainie on top of the sheets as he cuddled and held her long while leaving traces of his kiss on her lips, her cheeks, her chin…

“Hey Rainie!”

Like a jolt of lighting, Rainie opens her eyes wide and pushes Mike off of her and with a dull thud, onto the floor, where Ariel couldn’t see him.

“…I found all these clothes in the closet, and I was thinking- you don’t need leather slacks! You need these faded jeans! These would look perfect on you!” Ariel laughed excitedly. “C’mon put them on, I want to see how they look.”

“I’m kinda in the middle of something…” Rainie slowly said, trying to recover from the shock.

“Looks like you were sleeping,” Ariel pouted. “Fine if you really want those leather slacks, I’ll see what I can do.”

Again, Ariel exits Rainie’s room, but this time Rainie got up, and locked the door. Mike got up from the other side of the bed and rubbed his aching back.

“I’m so sorry Mike,” Rainie sympathetically said. “It was a reflex.”

“It’s ok,” he smiled. “But next time, stop buying cactus and start buying some carpet for your wood floors.”



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