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Chapter 49

“AHHH!” Peter screamed as Ariel hears a burning sound erupt.

Uncovering her eyes, Ariel pulls her hands away from her face only to see a silver and black figure in front of her. It was an odd shape; she’s seen one of these before…it looked like…a spatula?!

“Huh?” she frowned.

“My lips, my lips!” Peter yelped. “Oh god! It burns!”

Quickly she looked up and behind her only to see Joe, in chefs clothing, hovering above her holding onto a sizzling spatula in front of her face so that Peter wouldn’t kiss her and instead get a burn of his life!

“What the heck did you do that for?” Peter screamed.

“NO fraternizing with the help!” Joe hissed. “You disobey my rules and next time you’ll be kissing a red hot skillet!”

“Joe,” Ariel smiled in relief.

“Oh god it burns!” Peter continued to yelp.

“GOOD!” Joe smirked. “That’ll teach you a lesson.”

Meanwhile, on the floor, Mike tried to get Rainie up first before himself.

“Are you alright?” he softly asked.

“I’m fine,” she answered.

“R-rainie?” Mike asked suddenly. “Your heel broke.”

“Oh great,” Rainie sighed, as she jumped up and down to take the shoe off.

“No worries, I’ll fix it,” Mike smiled as he knelt forward.

Not finding any sort of adhesive nearby, Mike unconsciously patted his pockets and felt a bump at his breast pocket.

“Well what do ya know,” Mike smiled. “A RING! Look Rainie, a RING!”

“Mike, are you proposing to me!?!” Rainie cried. “REALLY?! You want to marry me?!?”

“What? Whoa, wait a minute!” Mike suddenly jumped up. “I didn’t- I mean I never…”

Quickly he looked at Joe. This was the ring Joe was planning to give to Ariel, but now Rainie thought it was hers!

“Rainie I can explain…” Mike stopped her from getting too excited. “This…I-this isn’t…what I mean is…”

“What he mean is,” Joe stepped in for Mike. “Is that he would love to marry you.”

“J-joe?” Mike said worriedly.

“That’s what you told me right?” Joe asked him with a wink.

“YES!” she screamed as she jumped onto him. “Yes Mike I will marry you!”

Laughing hysterically, Rainie celebrated their engagement to the dismay of the crowd.

“WHAT!?” Jackie suddenly screamed. “You can’t! Peter has the rings, you can’t marry her!”

“Well it certainly looks like I did!” Mike nervously laughed as he remained stunned.

“Yeah, he proposed to me and I said yes so there!” Rainie childishly remarked.

“But Peter still have the rings!!” whined Joanie. “He has to marry her!”

“Oh shut up you hag!” Ariel hissed.

“Ron?” Another aunt blurted out. “Tell them!”

Ron sighed deeply and carefully made his way in front of Mike and Rainie. He was serious and didn’t smile even once. He put his hands in his pockets and glared at the both of them.

“You really love him don’t you?” he asked Rainie in a low tone.

She looked at Mike with a small smile and nodded at her father.

“Do I really have a choice?” he sighed with a grin.

“No,” Mike answered for her, as she laughed.

“Then how can I stop you,” he chuckled as he looked at Rainie. “Silly girl.”

“Ron! How could you!” his sister scolded at him.

“Those rings have traditionally brought two people together who were betrothed. If she has already found the love of her life, she doesn’t nee the rings to make her happy,” Ron answered. “Mike makes her happy, and whatever ring he chose for her is fine by me. Besides, it makes her happy.”

“So do drugs!” his sister sneered. “But you don’t go around giving that to her!”

“SHUT UP!” Peter growled out loud, still as intoxicated as he first came to the party. “You guys are hindering TRUE LOVE!”

“He’s got a point,” Ron joked.

“Do you really expect her and me to marry when we HATE each other!? To go on with life knowing I could have been with another?!! You people are sick!!”

Suddenly Ariel pushed Joe in front of her; he wasn’t talking about her was he?

“Why can’t I have the woman I love!? Isn’t it pitiful; to fall in love with someone so fast and be forced to love another?” Peter cried out.

“Y-you don’t mean me do you?” Ariel asked quietly.

“You? NO!” Peter frowned. “Not you! Another woman…that I met only once.”

“Well he didn’t have to yell it out,” Ariel whispered to Joe with a roll of her eyes.

Suddenly Joe got a bit afraid and uncomfortable.

“Was she tall?” Joe hesitated to ask. “And a bit lean?”

“Yes…” Peter remembered.

“Did you meet her at a restaurant when you having lunch with the Yangs?”

“Yes…” Peter agreed.

“Did she…how can I say this… ‘Have the gentle demeanor of feminine beauty and delicate features that compliment your every move’?” Joe recited from before.

“Yes! Oh god, yes!” Peter nodded. “She was my everything!”

Quickly Joe turned to Ariel with a very worried expression written across his face.

“He’s in love with ME!” Joe mouthed to Ariel with a cringe on his face as she bit her lip from laughing out loud.

“Ok, sure she might have been your…everything,” Joe tried to muster. “But don’t you think you need to back off; she IS a man, ya know.”

“She is NOT a man!” Peter yelled. “She was a beautiful blossom taken away from me by a heartless being…”

“HEY!” Ariel shouted as she defended herself. “That heartless being is standing in front of you!”

“Oh not everything is about YOU, Ariel!” Peter hissed. “And she’s not a man! She’s amazing! Oh Karen!!”

“Karen?!” Joe and Ariel asked simultaneously.

“Where are you, Karen?!” he cried at the top of his lungs.

Suddenly a beautiful figured appeared with sad eyes drowning with wet tears that flowed across her face.

“I’m here,” Karen whispered to him.

“K-Karen?” Peter lost his breath. “Is that really you?”

The room suddenly filled with gasps and muttering of disapproval as well as acceptances from every corner, but most came from shock.

“Oh my,” whispered some.

“Can you believe this?” whispered others

“OH MY GOD!” Ariel and Joe cried out loud, in confusion. “What!?”

Peter, finally gaining some relative consciousness, walked up to Karen with a stiff smile and a shaking hand waiting to caress her face.

“Is it really you?” he uttered.

“I’m still here,” Karen called out. “I never left you.”

“Are you…did you?” he tried to ask.

“Yes,” she nodded with a deep smile. “Yes I accept! I’m willing to be with you forever!”

Happily she hugs Peter tightly and he spins her around playfully. With the crowd behind them, cheers and tears flowed without regret and happiness was finally here.

“WHAT!?” Joe and Ariel yelled in shock.

“What…how…did she…what!!!!” Joe sputtered to say not grasping what had just happened.

Ariel scoffed before smiling, “Looks like Peter was in love with your ex-girlfriend all along. HA! It’s funny; your ex with my ex! It’s so ironic…”

“It’s infuriating!” he yelled. “What about me!?”

“JOE!!” Ariel winced. “How can you think about yourself at a time like this?!”

“It’s the principal of the matter!” he cried. “I’m just as cute as she is!”

“Oh not this again!” Ariel laughed. “You’re pathetic!”

“No I’m not…” Joe whined. “I’m cute too!!!”



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