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Chapter 5

As Ariel sat quietly in Peter’s car, listening to the radio, she began to slowly drift away from reality. She instead peered at the nearby lake which ran almost 11 blocks.

“Ariel, honey? I’m sorry about sending you home so early. I know you wanted to stay but I was your only ride back,” Peter said apologizing.

“No, its fine,” she lied. “Are we still up for tomorrow at the beach?”

“Sure,” he laughed. “I’ll be back home in a few hours, k?”

Driving off, Peter had already left Ariel home alone for the millionth time. She hated leaving so early and coming home because she knew she’d be all alone. Peter rarely stayed at home. They shared a house together and yet he was never home.

“I guess it’s a date with the ice cream again,” she sighed to herself.

Ariel often went to sleep crying because Peter was never lying beside her. She was more alone now than when they first dated and she knew it was because of his company.

The next day Ariel decided to take a little stroll by herself.

“When will Peter ever get a break? Why do I always have to do things by myself even though I have a boyfriend?” she pouted.

Unexpectedly she passes by a small white dog, with fur covered all around his eyes.

“Hey little fella, are you lost?” she asked the puppy.

The puppy then sits obediently on the side walk and wags it tail while salivating all over the pavement.

“Aw, now aren’t you just the cutest little thing.”

Suddenly the puppy raises his paw, so Ariel stoops to its level.

“Wow!” she said clapping her hands.

Then puppy then claps its paws together. Realizing the trick, Ariel claps her hands again once. The puppy follows suit.

“Now that’s a cool trick,” she said to the pup with a smile.

The puppy continues to salivate and puts his other paw up. Ariel pats the paw with her hand. The pup puts his other paw up. Ariel pats the paw with her other paw.

“Oh, I see…” Ariel said catching up to speed. Just as she was about to continue a shadow hovered over her.

“I suggest you get up from that position or people might think a princess just went bankrupt,” said a familiar voice.

Stupid Man.

“You have some nerve coming here in my territory,” Joe said angrily.

“Your territory? I’m sorry I don’t think I saw a sign that said ‘Crap-ville’ mister.”

“I don’t need a sign,” he growled.

“Why? Do you just pee on the street like the dog?” Ariel said pointing at the puppy.

“This is my property line…ma’am,” he said gritting his teeth.

“Well, until I see a deed to the property, I’m afraid I can walk all over you!” she said.

And with that she stepped on his foot.

“HEY!” he yelped.

“Just so you know,” Ariel started. “Whether or not this is your property, the sidewalk belongs to the public, JERK!”

“That maybe so,” Joe said walking towards her. “But the truth of the matter is your kind doesn’t belong here, regardless of public rules.”

“My KIND??” she screeched.

“Yes,” he nodded. “Your kind.”

“If you mean sophisticated, cultured and had been properly showered and clean, then I guess I really don’t belong here,” Ariel retorted.

“Whatever…” Joe said leaving her with the dog.

What a stubborn, ignorant man, Ariel thought. Just then the dog barked.

“Don’t play with it. You don’t know where it’s been.” Joe said from afar.

“Why do you have to be so cruel to animals!?” she yelled to him

“I was talking to the dog!!!!” he yelled back.

Angry and frustrated Ariel marched back to her house and here’s a lot of noise.

“Peter must be home,” she said to herself excitedly.

She runs to the house and opens the door.

“Honey! You have no idea what I have been…” Ariel began to say but was interrupted.

The entire house had been stripped clean.

“Oh my gosh…we we’re robbed!” she said stunned.

Suddenly Rainie comes from the stairs.

“ARIEL!!” she screamed. “You’re here! I thought they had taken you with them!”

“What are you talking about Rainie?” Ariel cried. “Where are all my things? Where’s PETER?”

“Peter…Peter left, Ariel. He left. He buried the company and left with all the savings,” Rainie said grimly.

“H-how???” Ariel said unable to speak.

“He took all the money his dad left for the company and ran, we have no idea where he is. All we know is that the company is bankrupt and the REPO men have been coming in and out of your house trying to compensate for its losses.”

“No, no way. This isn’t happening!” Ariel said to reason with herself.

“Ariel…” Rainie sighed.

Shock took her body and rocked her speech. “NO! NO…”

Rainie quickly wrapped her arms around her broken friend.

“It’s going to be alright Ariel,” she said to her weeping friend.

Ariel lost everything in one day; her boyfriend, her house and her life.



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