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Random Behind the Story time!

During the course of writing DD, I’ve received a few personal questions about the story that I wasn’t able to answer so I have decided to answer a few of them now. I also want to comment on specific chapters that have left a deep impression on me, because I feel it’s necessary for me to do so. In other words this chapter is mostly going to be like the “Behind the Story” part of a DVD. So enjoy.

Question: Why did you name Arjoe’s daughter, Kris?
A: Well, I actually took the name from the little girl in my first Story, Twin Sword Warrior. I found that many people liked that character so I decided to make her reappear in my latest story. For me, I wanted to give those readers specifically a nice surprise. I chose her name from my RA in college actually! He was a guy. I’ve always like androgynous names, so that was a big reason behind it.

Question: Will you be writing another story?
A: Most likely, no. I just don’t have the time.

Question: Do you need a poster/review?
A: No/No. I have a poster (nicely made by Eira) and I am afraid of bad reviews. I don’t write seriously enough to want it to be critiqued. All my stories are for my amusement.

Question: Why do you have so many cliffhangers?
A: That’s just how I write. It’s on purpose because that’s how I keep the story flowing and intriguing. I get a lot of tomatoes (and coconuts) thrown on me that way, but I never learn.

Question: could you give me the link to your other stories pls?
A: Links to my first two stories are in the foreword of DD. Check them out!

Question: (specifically asked by heavenly_dreams): Can you give Joe some slack, Wootness?
NEVER! HAHAHA! Actually, I did at the end. I told you guys, everything will be ok. But he needed to suffer for a very long time.

Question: Why didn’t Ariel ever retrieve her memory?
A: Not all cases of amnesia are so lucky.

Chapter(s) that left a deep impression on me: The first four or five chapters because those were written at the same time, when everything is still fresh and new in my mind. Chapter one was really easy to write because I went over that scenario a hundred times in my head (idea came way before I wrote the chapter). Honestly, I didn’t know how to the rest of the story was going to go, but I had to write that first chapter down. Now, it seems silly that I was that crazy over the idea. Chapter 4 was based on an episode of ABC’s hit show, Ugly Betty. Betty’s sister had just lost her fiancé, and she was unbelievably devastated. That episode struck me quite hard when I saw it so I wrote a chapter that mirrored what had happened.

Hardest chapter(s) to write: the last few. SOOO hard to put out conclusions. Chapter 17 required the most technical information, but it wasn’t hard to do. It was actually quite fun to learn about the phrases and terminology pilots’ use. Also, any sweet moment between characters are hard for me to write, because I’m not a mushy person. That’s why I almost never write about weddings, or “bedroom” stuff. I’m a bit shy, but I’ve been getting a bit better at it.

Most emotional chapter written: Chapter 24. I have logs and logs of other “would-be” chapters that were more emotional but the one that was actually submitted would be chapter 24. Obviously so, because Kris breaks down in front of her father.

Most fun chapter(s) to write: Anything with Kris. I feel like I’m allowed so much freedom to write whatever spills out of my mind for her. Most of her lines and actions are very random, so it’s easy. Chapter 6 was fun for me, because of the research I did. I enjoyed finding out more about Taiwan, creating my own little fantasy town and it was Kris’ first appearance. Chapter 38 was fun to write as well. The concept was really fresh in my head. So was the kiss *wink*.

The chapter I didn’t like: Chapter 40. There were so many ways I wanted to handle that chapter. I think most people were waiting for an explosion hahah. I just couldn’t get what I wanted onto the computer for some reason. Too many things to address, too many things to do.

What I wished could have been in the story: I have loads of unused chapters that are left somewhere in my computer, just itching to come out. I may put them out randomly under a short story or something, so I won’t talk about them just yet. I will mention that I wished that Ariel and Kris went to Italy to find Joe. That should have happened but I just couldn’t deal with putting out more chapters than necessary. Now that I think about it, the effort would have been appreciated.

Favorite chapter(s): Chapter 5, chapter 18, and chapter 26. Those are the chapters I reread for encouragement to continue writing and, ultimately, finishing this fanfic.

Sooo, that’s all from me. I’d like to hear from you guys too. If you can answer any of these questions in your comments to me, that’ll be great.



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