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Crash, Burn and Mystery Solved?

“I’m home! I’m finally home!’ beamed a delighted Mike as he and Jiro touched ground at
Kaohsuing International airport.

“You swear as if this is your first trip overseas,” Jiro rolled his eyes.

“I haven’t seen Rainie or Robbie for so long, I just want to hold them in my arms again,” Mike sighed with a smile that reached from one ear to the other.

“Oh no,” Jiro suddenly froze. “It’s the horde!”

Both men bulged their eyes as the incoming fleet of estrogen came rushing towards them at full speed. Not even having enough time to feel the adrenaline rush, Mike and Jiro bolted for the terminal gates. When they reached the tarmac, with their luggage trailing behind, Jiro and Mike heaved and dragged their bodies over and through the early flight passengers and darted for the Airport Customs Office. There they would be safe, if no where else. Security personnel were strict there and not even a bull can make its way in.

“Oh geez!” Mike huffed. “I think we lost them.”

However, since they hardly ever visited the Customs Office, they never knew that the Customs Office was made up out of only female staff members. As the hounds stared down at the temptingly delectable slabs of twin meat, drool appeared at the corner of their mouths.

“We’d love to stay and chat,” Jiro nervously said. “But we got to run.”

Back outside, waited the fleet. Jiro and Mike were done for. The only chance of survival now, was to go through the horde. Impossible? Maybe. But it was their only choice. Opening the door, Jiro looked at Mike with a panicky eye and Mike reciprocated. Suddenly out of the horde of female employees, they see Calvin squeezing his way through trying to make it into the Customs Office.

“Hey! Get out of the way, I have to talk to the commissioner!” he cried for help in the middle. “Jiro? Mike?”

“Calvin!” they both screamed. “Get us out of here!”

“LADIES!” Calvin screamed.

And just like that, he managed to plop right out of the horde and slip in front of Jiro and Mike’s terrified eyes. Taking one deep breath, Calvin dusted himself off and remained calm as he tried to talk to the fleet.


“I wanna chance at him!” screamed a member.

“Uh….” Calvin couldn’t say anything

“We’re in trouble,” mouthed Jiro to Mike and Calvin.

Suddenly, a pounding could be heard from behind. The women were getting impatient. Calvin was getting irritated himself and grabbed at his whistle. He pulled open the door from behind them and blew the whistle loudly.

“LADIES!” screamed Calvin at the top of his lungs. “The commissioner has suggested that if there is a continuation of rumblings and fiascos, I will be forced to take action affective immediately. So I say to you all nicely, return to your posts before I call security. And since, ladies, seeing as how we have more than enough female applicants vying for each and every position under these circumstances, I suggest you run.”

And quicker than wet cement, the horde scrambled to their posts and remained there.

“Sorry, I know this must be a pain,” smiled Calvin politely at Jiro and Mike. “You guys need to talk to the commissioner?”

“No, we were just running away,” Mike laughed.

“Actually now that you mention it,” Jiro pondered out loud. “Maybe it’s about time we talk about that whole ‘professionalism’ we’ve been receiving from the female staff. It’s about time we get that settled.”

“And security!” Mike added. “We need more security.”

Making their way into the Custom’s Office, Mike and Jiro were still being ogled over. Sickening, to say the least. Calvin gave a deep sigh as he showed the two men the way. These women were ruthless.

“You can go in ahead of me, I think you guys have it worse than I do,” Calvin offered politely. “My problem can wait.”

“Thanks,” Mike nodded.

Jiro knocked on the door, when the commissioner called them in.

“Excuse me, commissioner, are you busy?” Mike asked.

“No, no come in, both of you,” he smiled. “So, what seems to be the problem gentlemen?”

“You’re entire female staff,” Jiro huffed.

“Run that by me again,” the Field Commissioner glared. “The entire female staff? What exactly did they do?”

As Jiro and Mike continued their conversation in the office, Calvin was waiting patiently outside just glaring at the women’s inappropriate behavior. This wasn’t typical of the women in this terminal, but he guessed that since there was new blood in the facilities that maybe they needed the excitement. This was the last of his worries. The ATC was already installing new programs that were foreign to him. The towers were supposed to have their new computers and systems cleared by the commissioner himself but since he was so busy, Calvin barely had enough time to settle that problem earlier.

Out of the corner of the Customs Office, Ariel and Yi Zhen had snuck their way to meet Calvin. Ever since Yi Zhen had thought about it, she wanted to finally ask Calvin out before someone can snatch him away.

Ariel never understood Cai Yi Zhen all that much. Ella was Yi Zhen’s friend even before Ariel had been in Caoya and she knew Calvin was Ella’s brother. They all went to high school together and even till this day, Yi Zhen wasn’t able to do anything about their relationship. Perhaps Yi Zhen never pursuit Calvin because she didn’t want to date someone so close to a friend but Yi Zhen never thought she’d fall in love with him either.

“There he is,” yelped Yi Zhen quietly to Ariel as they remained at the corner of the office. “Oh he is so handsome!”

“Yi Zhen, why did you have to drag me here with you?” whined Ariel. “Why don’t you just ask Ella to ask him if he’s interested and get it over with?”

“Oh please, if I tell Ella I like her brother, she’d kill me. Besides, once you help me with Calvin, I’ll help you snatch that pilot of yours. And you are my ticket out here just in case Calvin doesn’t like me and rejects me in front of the Customs workers and…if Calvin doesn’t like me.”

“You said that twice dear,” Ariel said straightforwardly.

“I know, I’m nervous,” Yi Zhen whispered back. “I think getting hives.”

“Honey, you’re not getting hives, you are not going to get rejected. All you are doing is asking him out,” Ariel smoothly reiterated the plan. “Go do your thing, and hurry up before we get ourselves fired!”

Meanwhile, Calvin listened in to the conversation inside the office. It wasn’t intentional but they were talking so loud that even a deaf man could hear. Inside the office, the commissioner had let Jiro and Mike make their own decision on how things were to be handled about the female employees. As easy as that might sound Mike and Jiro never underestimated the power of female persuasion. It didn’t matter if the commissioner gave in to their requests but women are sly, clever…evilly cunning.

“If one more female employee comes within a 50 feet radius of either one of us with the ill intention of anything other than work, they will be slapped with the firm hand of justice!” Mike spat with a proud expression.

“You want to hit them? I don’t agree to that,” that commissioner naively shook his head.

“No, what he means is that we will file a civil lawsuit for sexual harassment,” Jiro explained.

“Ah,” he nodded back. “Well gentlemen, I don’t see why not. That seems reasonable enough to me. This new rule will be enacted affective today. Are you gentlemen satisfied?”

“That’s it?” Mike asked curiously.

“That’s it,” the commissioner calmly smiled.

Mike and Jiro gave a sigh of relief and smiled calmly. Outside the door, the women all sighed as well, but exasperatedly and in defeat. As much as they admired the airline pilots, nothing was worth a civil suit. Calvin leaned coolly on the door, smiling to himself at the sorrowful women.

“A restraining order for all the women in the terminal,” he thought out loud. “Now that’s asking a bit much.”

Calvin suddenly felt his pulse race and his body turn stone cold. He stood straight up and tried to see what was causing this sudden urge to run as he see’s Yi Zhen walking by shyly. She had a mission to accomplish and she wasn’t leaving until it was done! She herself was sweating bullets. Never in her life had she ever asked a guy out; well not someone she really liked. But she remembered what Ariel had told her just before she went in for the kill.

“It’s your chance to show him what you’re made of,” Ariel said with a fist balled up in their faces. “Remember to bat your eyelashes, pucker your lips out and FLIRT LIKE CRAZY!”

Reciting the words in her head, Yi Zhen marched away. However, she was never the one to do anything with a sense of poise and charm. Whenever she “flirted” with anyone, it looked more like a convulsion. But this was different…hopefully. Calvin caught the glimmer in her eye just a few feet away from him and flashed a bright smile.

“Yi Zhen,” he happily said with that million dollar smile of his.

“H-hey,” she staggered a small greeting.

“What are you doing here?” he asked lightly. “Don’t tell me you’re after those guys in there too?”

“N-no,” she softly smiled at him. “I came here to see you.”

“Me?” he frowned. “But you never have anything to say to me. I think this is the longest conversation we ever had. Oh, is this about my sister? Is she hurt, is she Ok?”

“No, it’s not about Ella,” Yi shied off again.

Just as she was about to say something she remembered Ariel’s word: bat your lashes, pucker your lips and FLIRT LIKE CRAZY! She did as told and batted an eyelash, puckered her reddish lips and gave a small laugh.

“A-are you ok?!” Calvin asked worriedly. “Do I need to send you to a hospital?”

Doomed. Yi Zhen didn’t expect that to come out of his mouth and as the worry began to build up on her forehead, she looked like a scared bird ready to go into seizures. She was so nervous that the only thing that popped in mind was to just say it, say that she loved him all these years and no one else. Say that in spite of her shyness, all she wanted to do was to go out with him. She wanted to scream it right there and then! Just do it, her head shouted. At that moment, Mike and Jiro had popped out of the room and were left wide-eyed as they stared straight into the devil’s cavern that was Yi Zhen.

“I love you!” she suddenly yelped out loud.

“AAAH!!!” they both screamed.

“50 feet radius!” screamed Mike. “50 feet radius!”

Oh no, thought Ariel. Yi Zhen just got herself into a pile of trouble too big for either woman to get out of. Not only did she just scream to the entire Customs department, her feelings for Calvin, but she actually said it to the wrong person! If the two pilots caught Yi Zhen flirting with them, she’d be sued for sexual harassment! She had to think of something to get Yi Zhen out of this misunderstanding and quick.

“Oh Yi Zhen, it’s just you!?” Jiro suddenly sighed in relief. “Ella’s friend, right?”

“I’m sorry!” Yi Zhen apologized. “It’s all a misunderstanding.”

“Yeah right,” Mike scoffed. “As our first violator, you shall be punished as an example of our sexual harassment order!”

“Mike,” Jiro rolled his eyes. “Don’t worry, she’s not after us.”

“I’m sorry gentlemen, she didn’t mean to cause any harm,” Ariel apologized as she dragged Yi Zhen from the men staring at them. “Come on, Yi Zhen!”

Just as they were going to lower the beam at Yi Zhen, Ariel ran out from hiding, grabbed Yi Zhen’s arm and rushed them both out of that office as fast as possible. Mike and Jiro stood in shock as the new comer took away their victim. Their eyes, however, never left their gaze. Was it who they think it was?

“D-did you see who I think I saw?!?” Mike screamed in awe. “Was-was that her!?”

“ARIEL!” screamed Jiro.



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