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Little Treasure

“Robbie!” Rainie screamed at the top of her lungs as she desperately searched around the terminal. It had only been five minutes since Kris and Robbie stopped responding back to the radio, but it felt like the sky was falling on Rainie. She had never let Robbie wander anywhere by himself, especially with a potential arsonist at such proximity. Kris may have been small, and young, but it’s pretty darn apparent that one shouldn’t underestimate this dear girl…dear girl indeed.

On the other hand, Robbie and Kris were running around the terminal as if they were let loose on a gigantic new world just waiting to be dug up into a pile of rubble. And in the capable hands of these two little imps, the terminal would surely go up in smoke. When they reached one end of the tarmac, Kris settled herself in front of the passage way into one of the entrances of the Commissioner’s office as Robbie watched, for the first time, how Kris began the scavenger hunt for lost gold.

“We start here and march forward,” she ordered with one single nod. “See that door with the words ‘Commissioner’ written on it? My mommy said the commissioner is the boss of the entire Terminal! So the gold has to be with him, but he doesn’t want to give it to us because he’s greedy like the king from Robin Hood. We need to steal the gold and give it to the poor. Then we’ll be heroes and we won’t have to go to school no more!”

“Uh…Kris?” Robbie began to say as he winced at the idea of marching in front of a man and demanding gold. “I thought we were going scavenger hunting. I thought we were going to dig things up.”

“Why dig for gold when I know that HE has it!” Kris argued back. “All we have to do is go straight, but beware because I’m sure there are plenty of booby-traps just waiting for us to trip over them. So BE CAREFUL!”

Looking at the seemingly clear pathway in front of them, where passengers and employees were roaming freely, Robbie looked with suspicion the tactic of his friend. Surely she was crazy but that gave it all the more reason to follow her. He didn’t know what he was doing, but crazy was a lot more fun than being stuck with his mom. The odd thing was if there were booby-traps to trip over, why on Earth did none of the employees or passengers causing the alarm?

“Are you sure, Kris?” Robbie skeptically grimaced. “I mean everyone else seems to be going through fine.”

“That’s what they want you to think!” Kris growled back, as she hushed him up good. “They aren’t looking for the treasure so of course they aren’t going to start any trap. But we are so we have to be extra careful. You never know how many spies are looking at us right now…so we have to hurry!”

“How do we do that?” Robbie whispered lowly so the rest of the people couldn’t hear their plan.

“We walk without thinking about scavenger hunting,” Kris replied back with a stiff lower lip. “That’ll trick them. But you have to focus alright? No thinking!”

“Got it!” Robbie answered back like a soldier.

Looking straight across the path, Kris and Robbie tried to think about anything besides scavenger hunting but the only things running in their heads were of the gold; the massive amounts just lying beneath their noses, ready to be plucked one by one out of the commissioner’s hands. Taking their first step into the path, they simultaneously laid their first foot down and froze to hear if any alarms were to go off…

“I don’t hear anything,” Robbie whispered to Kris, still remaining frozen.

“We did it!” Kris excitedly yelped. “YES!”

“ROBBIE!!!” A sudden voice screamed.

“AHHH! We’re caught!” Robbie frightfully yelled back.

“Go straight!” Kris continued the scream. “C’mon Robbie!”

Running quickly, as far as their little legs could pump them, Robbie and Kris ran straight into the passage way, not afraid of tripping over any trap. They’ve already set one off they might as well trip them all, right? Once they reached the door, Robbie twisted the handle and rushed into the Commissioner’s office. Slamming the door behind them both saw someone they never thought they’d see.

“HEY!” the both yelled out with frowns and pouts ready to explode into their faces.

“What are you doing here, Uncle Joe?” Robbie asked, putting his hands on his hips. “I thought the commissioner had the gold. What happened?”

Joe got up from his seat and lowered his body to face the two children who were obviously furious about the whole idea of a trick on them. Joe didn’t have any gold. He didn’t even have his own terminal! What was this!?

“The commissioner is in the back handing me a bunch of paperwork,” Joe answered Robbie’s question. “Where are your parents? Don’t they know better than to leave you with Kris?”

“Hey!” Kris retorted at the insult thrown at her by her own Superman. “I promised that he would return safely and there’s not a speck of dust on him. Look!”

“Does your mother know you’re here, trying to search for gold?” Joe cheekily tapped Kris’ nose with a firm finger. “Or did you think you were going to America again?”

“You went to America!?” Robbie butted into the conversation.

“Mmhmm,” Kris answered proudly. “All by myself too.”

“Yeah,” Joe rolled his eyes at her achievement. “And remember how much you cried when you saw your mother…”

“SSSSHHHH!!!” Kris hushed Joe up by wrapping her hands over his mouth. “Not in front of my troops.”

Pulling her small hands away from his mouth, Joe replied, “You have one soldier, General. You can’t do much with that kind of an army. Now where’s your mom so I can take you back.”

“She thinks I’m at the restroom,” she smiled back smugly at her own accomplishment. “Smart huh? Oh and Calvin gave me a radio just in case we got in trouble, see? All you have to do is push this button and…”

“Stop pushing Buttons!” Joe whined as he hoisted both children over each of his shoulders and walked out of the commissioner’s office.

In the back of the terminal, Ariel had been waiting for Kris to come back from her restroom break for a while now. For some reason, it had taken Kris more than 15 minutes to come back to the baggage department but restrooms were close. Realizing a bit later what had happened last time when Kris was left to roam free, Ariel could only turn her head and listen to Yi Zhen’s excuse for she knew it wasn’t Kris who up to no good.

“You what??” Ariel began screaming at Yi Zhen. “You let her roam around the terminal without supervision?!”

“C’mon Ariel,” Yi Zhen scoffed. “She’s done it before.”

“YEAH!” Ariel continued to scream. “And where did that lead her to? AMERICA!”

“No,” Yi Zhen cheekily argued back. “It led her to find your dream man. It’s a blessing in disguise so I believe you owe me an apology.”

“I’ll pound you a new one if you don’t help me find her!” Ariel threatened harshly as she grabbed Yi Zhen by the arm and began dragging her to the door.

Suddenly, the door propped open a bit and Kris’ head popped out….

“Hi mommy!” Kris beamed her white pearly teeth. “I got you a present.”

Stepping from behind Kris, Joe came in with Robbie still being carried over his shoulder. Ariel quickly began to blush as she saw him and ran a hand over her flushed face to calm herself down. Yi Zhen on the other hand was absolutely beaming.

“Is he the present?” Yi Zhen smirked childishly, poking at Ariel with her elbow.

“I brought along my friend from school,” Kris answered. “His name is Robbie. Can I go play with him please?? I promised that we would go scavenger hunting.”

“I caught them inside the commissioner’s office,” Joe interrupted, rolling his eyes. “They were searching for Gold.”

“Is this why it took you so long to come back from your so called ‘restroom break’? You are in so much trouble, young lady,” Ariel began her rant, but suddenly halted as she looked at Robbie’s kind eyes. “Where are your parents, dear?”

“They’re inside the walkie,” Robbie answered, pointing to the Kris’ back pant pocket. “If you want to talk to them you can tell them where I am.”

Ariel looked over at Kris and saw the radio Robbie was referring to and grabbed it out. Yi Zhen caught a glimpse of the side of the radio and saw the etched named scratched across. It was Calvin’s alright and she knew that at that for sure the gang had come to the terminal to talk to Ariel. If Robbie was here, so would Rainie. And if Rainie was here, so would Ella…and the cycle would never end.

“Let me show you how it works, mommy,” Kris excitedly yelped as she took back the walkie, excitedly, and started pressing random buttons. “This button lets you talk to the other walkie. If you press this button, you don’t have to hold onto the button and it just lets you talk. Isn’t that cool?”

“ROBBIEE!!!!” screamed the radio suddenly, scaring all 4 of them. “This is your mother talking! You better come back to me right now or there will be consequences!”

His eyes budged out and his body shrank a complete size as the cloud of shame hovered over his head. Rainie was mad and Robbie could only imagine the things that his mother would do to him when she finds him.

“Don’t worry Robbie,” Kris calmly put a hand over his shoulders. “You won’t get into trouble if mommy is here.”

“Oh honey,” Ariel tapped at Kris’ arm lightly and smirked a sarcastic smile. “You’re already in sooo much trouble. The both of you.”

Kris opened her mouth as if she needed to say something but when nothing came out she closed it suddenly and shrugged. Ariel could already sense the next thing Kris was going to do and she was ready for a sprint. But that wasn’t going to happen anyways with her being 2 steps ahead of this 7 year old.

“…run,” Kris quickly said to Robbie as she tried to dash out of the door, but Joe had already grasped onto her collar and pulled her over his shoulder again. “Unhand me, Superman!”

Robbie lit up at the words and squirmed on Joe’s shoulder. “Superman?! Uncle Joe is Superman!?”

“Whoa hey,” Joe tried to balance the children and talk at the same time. Not easy. “Stop moving or I’ll drop the both of you.”

“Never!” Kris shouted at the new amusement of rocking back and forth over his shoulders.

Ariel couldn’t help but snicker at the hilarious view in front of her only to look back at Yi Zhen’s smug face which rained a cloud over Ariel’s already bright red face.

“Stop looking at me,” Ariel ordered at Yi Zhen.

“I’ll leave you and Fabio alone, dear,” Yi Zhen quipped. “Alright children, how about we go get some ice cream!”

“ICE CREAM!” both Robbie and Kris screamed, rushing out of Joe’s arms. “YEAH!!”

As Robbie, Kris and Yi Zhen rushed out of the baggage department Ariel was left with only her flushed red face staring at Joe who had been struggling to keep a decent composure after having the two little monsters mangle his new uniform. On the other side of the door however, Yi Zhen pulled both Robbie and Kris together and ordered them to hush.

“I thought we’re going to get ice cream…” Robbie pouted.

“We will, after I listen to their conversation,” Yi Zhen cheekily said.

“That’s ease dropping,” Kris retaliated.

“I know,” Yi Zhen shrugged.

“That’s not a good thing to do,” Robbie said in a sing song manner.

“I know, and children shouldn’t do such a thing but…

“ROBBIE!” Rainie’s voice sudden became all too clear. Turning around, with faces full of fright, all the three onlookers peered into the red blaring eyes in Rainie being accompanied by the rest of the adults. “Where have you two been!?”

“I give you one radio to use and you just go completely insane,” Calvin shook his head.

“Does your mother know you’re roaming around unsupervised?” Ella chirped in.

“Listen to your teacher, Kris, she knows these things,” Jiro continued.

“Was it fun kids?” Mike wholeheartedly asked as all the adults just glared at him in malice.

“SSSHHH!” Yi Zhen interrupted the fight. “Ariel and Joe are in there alone!”

Rushing over to the door, all the adults plastered their eager heads onto the door to listen to the conversation. When they heard nothing, they grew wearier of what’s to come until all of a sudden, Calvin’s pants started talking in two different voices. Very familiar voices.

“THE RADIO!” the adults all beamed.

Calvin quickly turned up the volume in his own radio and they all listened to the other side of the radio that Kris had left on for Ariel and Joe’s conversation to be completely heard by all.



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