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Say What You Need to Say

“Hi,” she nervously nodded to the man in front of her.

“Hi,” he shyly responded back, with his hands buried deep into his pocket.

“How are you?” she asked, not knowing what else to say.

“Good,” he replied with a gentle demeanor, nerves fading away just a tad. “And you?”

“Just fine,” she smiled lightly, hoping to give him a glance of her beauty.

“Geez, if this continues the way it does, I’m going to shoot them,” Mike interrupted the dull flow of the tiny radio.

“Where’s the drama!?”

Huddled together, Mike and the rest of the crew were crammed close to each other, hoping to catch something worth listening to as Calvin tried to get the volume higher and higher. Skulls were practically caving together to listen to this monotonous conversation happening just a few feet away. They just couldn’t believe that after 7 years, Joe of all people would talk to his long lost lover as if she was some 15 year old high school student and he was the class nerd pining after her. Where were the sparks? Where was the magic?

“I can’t believe we’re ease dropping on them,” Jiro snapped. He took a breath of fresh air and took himself out of the huddle to shake his head clear. “This is insane. She’s my sister for goodness sakes; I should be able to interrupt them if I wanted to-

“Do it and I will break every bone you got,” Ella threatened with a stiff finger pointed at Jiro’s even stiffer body.

Settling themselves back into the human puzzle, Jiro and Ella continued to listen in on. Just as expected, Ariel and Joe behaved timid and awkward towards one another but after an unexpected kiss, what were they to do but be uncomfortable with each other?

“So…what are you doing here? Do you have a flight to catch?” Ariel hesitantly asked, hoping to find something to clear her mind from being too obvious with her burning face. “The commissioner wanted me to look over a few brochures,” Joe spoke calmly, hoping to blow away those butterflies in his stomach. “I’m considering a job in the ATC and joining one of the towers here in the terminal.”

“Oh that’s wonderful,” Ariel excitedly smiled back.

“That’s horrible!!!” Mike shouted, again interrupting the radio’s conversation.

Unhinging from the tight cloud of heads surrounding the radio, the rest of the adults glared Mike down, wondering why he would utter such a thing.

“If Joe joins the ATC, then where will the Three Amigos be??” he whined with a distinct pout.

“Mexico, singing ‘My Little Buttercup’,” Rainie spat before pressing her head back into the radio. “Now pipe down.”

Now back to the real conversation.

“It’ll be a great opportunity for me to learn more about the workings of the terminal,” Joe explained, with a twitching nervous smile of his own. “And this way I won’t have to be away from-”

“ME!” Kris yelled, answering his question from the outside. Proudly displaying her chin up to Robbie who was standing beside her, Kris replied “He’s staying for me! I told you he was Superman!”

“Oh…maybe he is,” Robbie said in awe. “All this time, Uncle Joe was Superman? Does that mean uncle Jiro is Batman and daddy is Spiderman?”

“Hey!” Mike frowned at his son. “Why am I Spiderman? Why can’t I be Batman?”

“Are you Batman?!?!” his son widened his eyes in response.

“MAYBE I AM!” Mike desperately tried to receive his manhood back by saying. “You just pissed off Batman.”

“Let it go!” Jiro rolled his eyes and shook his head at Mike’s immaturity.

“That’s because you got to be Batman! In my son’s eyes, you are Batman and I am some quack prancing around in a red and blue leotard with an insect on my chest. And why does Joe get to be Superman? He’s half the man I am.”

“Look at it this way,” Jiro tried to pacify his friend. “I’m stronger and smarter than you, just like Bruce Wayne was smarter and stronger than Peter Parker. Not to mention I’ve got the physique, it’s only natural that Robbie thinks I’m Batman…”

All the while as this was being waged, like most wars, the women could only sit back and shake their heads at their husband’s stupidity.

“At least Mary Jane is hotter than Lois Lane and Cat woman or whoever the hell Batman was with,” Mike continued this absurdity. “I got a freaking KISS named after me. You know what I’m talking about. Batman was lonely. He only had Robin as his backup. What the hell was that? At least Spiderman and Superman had superpowers. What did Batman have? A belt. My WIFE has a belt and I’m pretty sure she’s stronger than Batman!”

“Oh yeah, well at least I got a crazy looking car that is worth more than all your college loans combined!” Jiro kept the fire rolling and rolling until it was getting ridiculous. “It’s in a freaking museum, sonny boy. And what do you have as transportation? String!”

“It’s called a web, dingus!” Mike responded back childishly. “At least every one of my movies was box office magic! All the Batman movies before the Dark Knight sucked, and Christian Bale’s got nothing on Tobey McGuire. You got overshadowed by your nemesis in that one dude!”

“Thanks a lot SEA BUISCUIT!” Jiro shouted back. “You got overshadowed by a horse! But I guess it’s only natural when the horse’s second lead is a jack-

“Don’t you dare finish that line man,” Mike shook his head seriously.

Calvin looked at Yi Zhen, as Yi Zhen looked at Ella and Ella looked at Rainie who was just shaking her head back and forth in annoyance and in disbelief, wondering how on Earth she mustered up the audacity to marry this failure of a man in front of her as well as befriend the atrocity whom was screaming at the failure with absolute delirium.

In between the sight in front of them, the radio also spouted in the distance, the closing discussion between Ariel and Joe.

“So I’ll see you tonight then?” they heard Ariel asked.

Huddling back together, everyone who was listening to Mike and Jiro’s bizarre argument fixed their attention back to the radio and quietly waited for Joe’s response…

“It’s a date.”



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