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The Beauty of Rain

As the night turned darker and quieter, Ariel’s parents were fighter their inner demons back at home. Instead of taking their daughter in and caring for the baby buried deep within her belly, Ariel’s parents had shunned her away for creating a child out of wedlock. They didn’t care of if Joe and Ariel “loved each other.” If anything, it was all relative. But for now, they were anxious about their grandchild’s nearing arrival.

As they paced back and forth in the living room, Jiro, Ariel’s older brother, walked into the room.

“You guys shouldn’t worry so much,” he shrugged as he took a bite of his apple. “What do you have against her anyways?”

“Have you forgotten?!” her mother spat. “She deliberately ran off with that…that boy and got herself impregnated! What will happen with that poor child under the guidance of…of…those kids! They’re just kids…they’re only children themselves. How can they take care of a child when they themselves are just children? What will happen to her without us?”

“She hasn’t even given birth,” Jiro sighed. “She’s due like within 3 more weeks. Reconcile with her, mom, and make up before the child wakes and finds several screaming entities that aren’t just the other babies surrounding it at the hospital!”

“Enough…” her father hoarsely demanded.

Stepping out of his silence, Ariel’s father spoke softly.

“Tomorrow,” he bluntly answered. “We’ll visit her tomorrow. And that is final. I don’t want to hear anything else. Whether we fight or end our battle will be up to her.”

Meanwhile at the hospital, Ariel’s fate has yet to be decided.

“Get her to the delivery room NOW!!!” yelled a booming voice from the hospital. “She’s about to give birth any second.”

“When did she get here?” asked a nearby nurse.

“Just a couple minutes ago,” the doctor said rushing the hospital bed.

“Does she have any identification?” she asked him.

“No,” he said looking at his watch. “Any minute now…”

“Well who the hell brought her here!?” the doctor screamed.

“We don’t know. Some man dropped her off here at the door and ran for it,” the nurse answered. “We thought she was dead, but she was just unconscious when we saw her.”

“How many centimeters is she?” another nurse asked the doctor, as the woman was being pushed quickly on the hospital bed.

“Enough,” the doctor said bluntly. “We need to operate. She’s unconscious so make sure the baby is alright too.”

As Ariel lies on the operating room, completely lifeless, the doctors carefully deliver the baby from her womb and take the baby to the nursery as they continue to help the woman regain consciousness.

“She’s lost a lot of blood,” one of the nurses probed.
“Yeah…we need more help on this one,” the doctor nodded his head.

Slowly the woman began descending further and further into the light as her body felt limp and numb.

“We’re losing her!” the doctor screamed. “Hurry, we have to close her up!”

Ariel could feel the tension running through her veins even though she was unconscious. Something awful was pounding in her head. Images from the past rushed at her at lightening speed so she couldn’t understand anything. Her heart kept pounding harder as she tried to catch her breathes and suddenly she sees that there is an image of a man right in front of her. A strange man…a familiar man whom she knew for some time now but his face was clouded and faint. The image became lighter and lighter as it slowly melted away from her memory. She reached for him, grabbing and tugging at her shrouded dreams to let him stay…



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