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The Unforgiving Storm

They weren’t going to make it; not in this rainstorm. They were just two teenagers stuck in the middle of nowhere, desperately trying to find some help. The man- technically a young boy at the tender age of 19, barely even considered legal- was at a complete lost. The truck had barely enough gas to reach the nearest hospital and his girlfriend-a mere19 years of age as well- had already experienced some harsh contractions from the living entity deep inside her protruding belly. She was in so much pain but he could do nothing but drive the useless car in circles, trying his best to find his way.

“Don’t worry, hun, we’ll be there in five minutes. Just hold the pain for a little longer,” the man naively comforted her.

He see’s a nearby motel and decides to get some directions. Stepping harshly onto the breaks, he parks in the darkened lot. The rain pattered on the ground like large droplets of time crashing on their shoulders, weighing them down, and there was no way to get them back.

“Ariel? Look at me,” he smiled as he turned off the ignition. “Everything will be fine. Be careful getting out of the car and remember to breathe.”

“I can’t move!” his dear, pregnant girlfriend yelped in pain. “It hurts, it really hurts. Can you go by yourself?”

“I’m not leaving you here like this,” he refused. “C’mon it’s not that much further.”

“I can’t, Joe…” she grimaced. “Just go, quickly.”

“OK, I am going to get some help; I’ll be back in two seconds OK?” he said trying pacify her.

“Mmhmm,” she nodded to him in approval before gripping her nails into the seat padding.
Joe quickly gave her a kiss on the forehead and said, “Everything will be fine. Remember to breathe.”

He kissed her again on the lips and flashed a gentle smile before he ran frantically towards the motel. Upon entering the dank and moldy refuge, the guests look on at this petrified young man who was gasping and coughing for air.


The motel manager, completely shaken by the sudden abruption, drops the phone he was holding and pressed a firm palm into his chest.

“PLEASE!” Joe kept calling out. “I don’t know what to do!”

“Calm yourself,” the manager said smoothly. “Let me call the nearest hospital and we’ll get all this straightened out.”

“Can you help me get my girlfriend in the motel?” he asked, still hysterically shaking from fear.

“Yes, don’t worry about it,” the manager smiled and pointed to the nearest bellboy. “Uh yes, Raphael, help this man get the girl inside; quickly now.”

Rushing back outside in the pouring rain, both Joe and the bellboy ran to the truck and open the passenger side door only to find the most frightening sight that could have ever haunted this man through his dreams. His body went weak and he felt his heart shatter as it fell to his stomach, churning and tossing profusely the crumbled pieces. Nobody was in the truck.

“Ariel? Ariel, where are you?” Joe asked frantically looking in the truck.

“Where did she go?” the bellboy asked ignorantly.

“If I knew I wouldn’t be SEARCHING FOR HER!” he yells back.

“She’s pregnant so she couldn’t have gone that far,” the bellboy said looking at all directions.

“Ariel!” Joe yelled.

Where did she go, the man thought. Why would she just run away at a time like this? She often played games with him, but this was carrying it way too far.

“ARIEL, please come out here now!” the man screamed desperately circling the car, seeing if his dear girlfriend was anywhere along the apparatus. “ARIEL!!”

“How could we have lost a pregnant woman?!” the bellboy asked to no one in particular.

“ARIEL!!! ARIEL PLEASE! This is no time to PLAY!” the man yelled again, dreadfully searching in the large truck.

“I’ll go tell the manager,” the bellboy reassured as he rushed back inside the motel leaving the man drenched in rain and confusion.

The manager, the bellboy and a few other guests rushed outside only to see the man running around the parking lot like a mad man, searching for his dear girlfriend. He was crying fiercely and rubbing his eyes harshly with his sleeve every time he turned another corner.

“Ariel,” he whimpered as the tears started running down his face. “Where are you?!?! Where are you?!?!!”

Frustrated by each second that passed by, the man slammed his fist hard on each car that he examined. He couldn’t take the fear; the fear of regret, the fear of believing in the worst, the fear of losing not only one person he loved but two-forever.

“Sir…” the manager asked from afar. There was not much he could say afterwards.

Realizing his defeat, the man drops to his knees in front of the truck and openly destroys his soul with a million howls that dragged from his lungs. He huddled his body together in absolute despair and laid his broken heart on the pavement to be pummeled by the rain.

“…where are you?”



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