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Chapter 22

As Ariel opened her eyes from her long sleep, she winces at the suns rays that hit her so brightly in the morning. The night before had been exceptionally beautiful and she had yet to fully grasp consciousness. Still drifting her mind to the thoughts of yesterday’s fantastical encounter with Joe, Ariel lays on his bed looking at the white ceiling with a brilliant smile.

Suddenly she realizes something and jerks her body up. Joe was not lying next to her. Clinging to the bed sheets she folds her arms around her legs, slowly pouting at the world for not letting her happiness continue when she woke up.

“I see you’re finally up,” Joe said entering the room. “Can’t understand how someone can sleep as long as you did and still continue to lie in bed.”

He made his way towards the side of the bed and kisses her forehead before sitting nest to her on the bed.

“I don’t have to pry you off with a shovel do I?” he joked.

Without saying anything, she throws her arms around his neck and nuzzles her head next to his.

“I trust you slept well then huh?” he asked her again.

“mm,” she hummed in agreement. “Too bad waking up wasn’t as nice.”

“What do you mean?”

“um…never mind,” she said embarrassed.

“Oh I know why,” he said slyly getting back on the bed. “You wanted a repeat of yesterday night?”

“N-no, I j-just…” she stuttered

Teasing her, he slowly crawled closed to her and pinned her on the bed. “If you want it, all you had to do was ask.”

Too embarrassed at what was about to happen, Ariel pulls the covers over her head quickly just as Joe’s face closed in on her.

“J-Joe?” she asked still under the thin blanket.

“hmm?” he coyly asked still hovering closely above her.

“I don’t want it…” she said nervously.

“hahahah!” he laughed unable to contain it. “You’re sure about that?” he asked with a chuckle.

“mmhmm,” she muffled.

Lightly tugging at the cover over her face little by little, Joe pulls off the sheet and peers directly into her nervous eyes; still gleaming like they did last night. Too embarrassed and anxious about Joe’s intentions, Ariel suddenly kisses him out of anticipation and quickly covers her face again with the sheet.

“I’m satified,” he said jokingly.

As he got off of her, she could feel the extra weight lift off of her and realized that her body cooled off tremendously, giving her a very cold and dark feeling. It was as if she felt natural with him even if he’d flushed her cheeks so much. But now, when he wasn’t next to her, a deep sadness came over her. Pulling the sheets off of her fiercely, she jumps to her feet.

“JOE!!” she screamed from his room.

“What? What happened?”

As she turned to face him, he could see the tears starting to appear on her cheeks. Quickly he rushes toward her and holds her tightly, letting the droplets stain his shirt.

“What? Was it something I said?” he asked worried.

Ariel shook her head lightly, still crammed close to his chest.

“Well, why are you crying then?” he asked, cradling her head to face him.

“I want it.”

“HUH???” he asked nervously.

“I want it. I want you,” she continued to say crying her eyes out. “I don’t want anyone else. I only want you, forever.”

“OH! Dang, Ariel you can’t start saying ‘you want it’ all willy-nilly without a guy freaking out about it!” he joked.

“Don’t joke about this,” she said seriously.

“Ariel…”Joe started to say but the phone cut their conversation short.

“Hello?” Joe answered.

At the end of the receiver was A frantic Rainie.

“JOE! JOE! IS KRIS WITH YOU!” she asked.

“No, why? Isn’t she at home with my mom?” he responded.

“Oh no, oh no, this is bad. Joe? Come home right now!” she said worried. “I think something bad has happened to Kris.”

“Wait hold up,” he tried to say. “Why isn’t Kris with mom?”

“She was here last night when Ariel and you left but I think she went out trying to look for you guys and she still hasn’t come back!” Rainie cried. “Hurry home JOE!”



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