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Chapter 25

Today was the day Ariel would be in trial for her murder against her step father. It was a small court room, but many reporters stood outside to find out whether the notorious Twin Sword Warrior would be convicted. Strange enough, even with all the people that surrounded her, she felt alone. No one would be on her side. She was a murderer and by that name, she was guilty.

Ariel had met with her attorney the day before, she went by Miss Chow. She was everything Ariel was not; confident, smug and daring. If anybody could help Ariel in her time of need it was this woman right here.

“Don’t worry so much Miss Lin,” she would say. “I’ll take care of you.”

The judge made his way to the bench and the bailiff proceeded.

“All rise for judge Lei” he said firmly.

“Court is now in session…” the judge continued.

The day started off well, but soon Ariel would have to face her past, one by one. On the plaintiff’s side sat Fiona, Clara and Jenna; Ariel’s treacherous stepmothers.

“Calling to the stand, Clara Lun!”

The first witness to the stand, Clara made her way through the court and took her oath before sitting down.

“Now, Mrs. Lun,” the lawyer proceeded. “How would you describe The Twin Sword Warrior?”

“She was awkward from the start!” she said smugly. “The Twin Sword Warrior hardly tried to befriend our family when we reached out to her so many times. It even got to the point where she was so out of control, we had to let her live alone or else our whole entire family was at risk.”

“So you would say that, letting her go this time would be wrong?” he probed.

“Oh God yes!” she said. “You let her go and who knows what kind of danger we’re all in.”

“No further questions, your honor.”

“No questions,” Miss Chow responded.

“I call onto the stand, Jenna Lun!” the lawyer proudly stated.

Jenna made her way to the stand and took her oath before sitting down on the bench.

“Mrs. Lun,” the lawyer began again. “You once stated that Miss Lin threw a cat on your lap to attack you. Is this true?”

“It’s true,” she said excitedly. “She threw the cat on my lap like she was crazy or something and I suffered many bruises and scratches. The Twin Sword Warrior had always been aggressive and awkward but to suddenly throw something so weird to attack me? What can I say, she’s nuts!”

“No further questions your honor,” he said smirking.

“No further questions…” Miss Chow spoke softly.

Ariel thought hard about Jenna’s claims. Why did she constantly refer to her as the Twin Sword Warrior? She knew her on a first name basis so why did she feel obligated to treat her as a criminal? Was she this distant with these women that they wouldn’t even refer to her as family?

“Last witness to the stand, Fiona Lun,” the bailiff spoke.

Fiona made her way towards the bench, proudly marching past Ariel and ignoring her presence. As she swore in, the trial continued.

“Mrs. Lun,” asked their lawyer. “How did the Twin Sword Warrior act when she was living under your roof?”

“She was animalistic,” she exaggerated. “One time she attacked me when I trying to console her after her mother’s death. Her mother was insane too. Killing herself like the weak tortured creature that she was. I mean she had everything; jewels, luxury, prestige. The whole family is corrupt; I was not in charge of the Twin Sword Warrior’s upbringing. Therefore I wouldn’t know how she has gotten so…feral.”

“So you see judge,” the lawyer added. “If you allow for this ‘animal’ to go into the city unsupervised, how can you be sure she can behave like a normal human being?”

They were right; Ariel didn’t know how to control her emotions and her feelings when she was mad. Her mother had raised her in a weird way…she was emotionally unstable, and the truth dug into her heart harder than any knife could.

“No further questions, your honor,” the smug lawyer said.

“I have a few questions…” Miss Chow finally said. “Mrs. Lun, you were the first wife of Mr. Lun am I right?”

“That is correct.”

“You were basically his first love?” Miss Chow asked with a smile.

“Yes,” she smirked.

“So despite him having multiple wives, he was also able to adopt a daughter…how well do you know Miss Lin?”

“She was practically a daughter,” she lied.

“So you wouldn’t have ever been lets say…jealous of her mother to be the first to bear him a child, even if it wasn’t his?”

“…never,” she gritted.

“Mrs. Lun, let me remind you that you are under oath,” Miss Chow said smugly. “So let me ask you this. Were you ever physically scarring towards Miss Lin?”

“Never,” she said again.

“How about emotionally?”

“What are these questions…” she laughed.

“Answer the question!” she yelled.

“I wouldn’t know…” she gritted.

“So how can you be the love of his life, if you didn’t treasure Miss Lin?”

“Who said he treasured her?! For all I know, she was just another mouth to feed, another flake, another despicable piece of trash he found, another person to replace me!” she screamed

“Let’s repeat shall we?” the Miss Chow asked towards the audience. “We’re you jealous of Miss Lin?”

“She had everything!” she gritted. “She went from street rags to MY luxuries!!”

“No further questions your honor, please step out of the stand Mrs. Lun. It’s time for my witness,” she said quickly. “I call to the stand my first witness, Miss Lin.”

Slowly Ariel made her way to the stand, took her oath and sat down.

“Now my client has been blatantly bashed by those women throughout this entire trial! And for what!? Because of jealousy? Because of this ridiculous feeling of jealousy, those women find it absolutely acceptable to put my client to the electric CHAIR!” she screamed. “Miss Lin, please explain to the court what had happened to you before you decided to murder your stepfather.”

As Ariel explained every detail of her life in the mansion, the more and more she could feel her mother’s spirit rushing into her body, giving her more and more strength to speak without any tears, regret and with sheer confidence. When she finally finished explaining her side of the story, she finally wept hard, unable to speak any further.

“Last question Miss Lin,” her lawyer asked. “Why did you decide to kill him instead of just running away?”

“Because…” she began. “If I didn’t kill him, I know that he would have gone after them…”

“After who?” she asked.

“He would have continued to go after my stepmothers. I knew I wasn’t the only one he was after,” she continued to say grimly. “I knew my stepmothers were constantly harassed and tortured just like I was. If I left them with him, I knew they would face my consequences. Even though they hated me, I couldn’t let them face him. Not the way he treated me…” she cried.

Silently to the judge, the lawyer said, “no further questions.” As the bailiff took Ariel back to her seat, the judge finally makes his decision.

“After much deliberation, I have decided that even though a travesty had occurred in Miss Lin’s past, she had still committed a murder. Therefore she is guilty of all counts,” he said grimly. “I’m sorry Miss Lin…”

“LET HER GO!!!!” screamed a familiar shrill voice.

Suddenly, running to the front of the courtroom, Kris came to stop the trial and to rescue Ariel.

“Kris?!” Ariel screamed.

“LET HER GO!!” she screamed at the judge. “After everything she has been through how can you do this!?”

“Bailiff, please restrain this girl…”

“NO! Not until you listen!”

But the bailiff had already tried to get a hold of her.

“Let her go!” Ariel screamed. “She’s just a kid!”

“Ariel!” she screamed back after running towards her and grabbing a hold of her for dear life.

“Kris, you have to go back.”

“Not without you,” she cried. “I’m sorry I hurt you!”

“Bailiff, please restrain her!” the judge ordered.

“DON’T YOU LAY A FINGER ON HER!” screamed another familiar voice.

As the bailiff was about to grip Kris into his arms, Rainie and whole group of people emerges from the doors.

“You can’t send a hero to jail!” she yelled proudly.

“She saved my restaurant from robbers!” yelled Rainie’s grandmother.

“She saved my life!” yelled a member.

“Mine too!”

“Mine too!”

“Let her go! She even saved mine!”

Even the stepmother’s decided to step in.

“Let her go!” Clara screamed. “If she didn’t kill him, I know I would have!”

“Yes, she was just trying to save all of us. Why are you being so unreasonable!?” Jenna whined.

“After everything she said, I believe her,” Fiona cried. “He was indeed a horrible man and if I had a chance to let her go, I would.”

Ariel finally understood who those people were; they were all the people in the restaurant that day when she fought Alex. All of those people had come to try to rescue her. After the outbursts started to fade a strange face came barging in through the door as well.

“You can’t send her to jail!” screamed a young lady. “Not after she saved me.”

“Tracey?” the judge asked.

“Yeah, dad,” she smiled. “She was the one who saved me that one time when I went out…you can’t send her to jail. She has protected more people than she has harmed.”

Rethinking his decision, the judge asks Ariel a simple question.

“Well, Miss Lin? What do you have to say?”

“Please let this end…” she pled quietly.

“Then so be it. Miss Lin, even though what you have done is a heinous crime, I believe after much thought, that it was out of self defense. Therefore, you are free to go.”

As the judge’s gavel hits the stand, cries of happiness and glee ran throughout the court. Even the reporters outside were cheering her on. This time, for the first time, Ariel had won.



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