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Chapter 4

Today was the day Ariel had her first breaking point. She would turn 12 in a few days but she grew up faster in those few years in the mansion than she ever did those years before. At such a tender age she notices her stepmothers’ intentions; their backstabbing, and fake personalities that they would put on as if their lives were on a stage, sickened her.

If Ariel could describe their lives in terms of a play, it would most likely be a play written by Oscar Wilde; their mannerisms and fake dispositions were laughable and the way the wives portrayed their “rich lifestyles” were mediocre at best. So foolish, she thought to herself. How can anyone find these 3 disgusting broads attractive? Her mother on the other hand, she would describe was absolutely depressed. Even though she was beautiful in every way, her poor expression made her look much older than necessary and her face was unusually pale.

Ariel often blamed the other wives for her mother’s misery therefore she developed a strong sense of hate towards them. It was not until the day of her birthday would she realize that the root of her mother’s depression lied in the Master after all.

Her mother had come back crying by her side in the middle of the night once again, this time with a difference in her apparel. Ariel noticed a small rip in her mother’s skirt and was hesitant to believe that this had anything to do with her mother’s tears, but decided to investigate. A couple days later, Ariel followed her mother into the room her mother always entered just before she would tuck Ariel in. Her mother was followed by Master as well. This time, Ariel was confused. What was wrong with going into this room? Master had never hurt Ariel in any way. He was relatively nice but most of the time he would remain an important player in her imaginary world.

She peeped in the key hole to see what was all the fuss was about, but she heard the unimaginable. “Come on sweetie, this time will be less painful I promise. No tears will fall from those eyes anymore k?” said the Master trying to kiss her mother’s neck.

Ariel noticed that this room was quite different from every other room. It was decorated with animal heads and weaponry of all kinds but what was distinctly alluring were the twin swords that hung from the ceiling of this particular room. And under those swords was a bed…Master’s bedroom. Ariel has never stepped into this room and therefore the foreign look compelled her and drew her in. She continued to peek through the keyhole to inspect the room even further but was snapped back to reality as she heard her mother scream.

“NO! I will not do this anymore. You think I will just stand here and let you torment me for the rest of my life? I’d rather chop off my head than sleep with you again!”

Ariel stared at the Master for his response. He was undeniably angry and with a powerful stroke of his hand to her mother’s face, he was able to have her on the floor crying for mercy.

“You piece of trash! You think you’re better than me, is that it? I gave you everything and this is how you repay me?!?” Ariel has never heard the Master raise his voice in her presence, so to see this scene was absolutely confusing for her.

“That’s right, I don’t deserve you,” said her mother weeping on the floor with a hand on her bruised cheek. “I don’t deserve you, I don’t deserve to be your wife, I don’t deserve to be hit, I don’t deserve to be tormented by those VULTURES you call wives, I don’t deserve to be humiliated, I don’t deserve to be treated like a piece of TRASH every time I enter this room!!”

Ariel couldn’t believe her mother’s strength, going against the Master after everything he has done for her family. But now she understood how Master was behind closed door; he was worse than any wife or natural disaster that could hit their family. He was a plague on her mother, and he was weakening her every day, minute by minute.

“You will always be the trash I picked up from Taichung and guess what? You’re all USED up. No man will ever want you, so be grateful for what I give you and your bastard of a daughter” Master said in a very condescending manner.

Ariel was mad; she felt betrayed and depressed for not only her mother but to herself and overall this made her blood boil with anger. Clenching her fist, she continued to look at the scene.

“Then so be it. I will be gone from this world and my blood will be drenching down your walls till God can forgive you…” said the very cryptic mother. She took a pistol from one of the dresser drawers and pressed the barrel on her skull. “May I die in peace and THE HELL AWAY FROM YOU!!!”

And with that she shot one bullet straight through her head and a terribly dull thud of a young woman’s body could be heard throughout the walls. All this was witnessed by the little six-year old who had been kneeling on the floor peaking at the destruction. She wept one single tear and was too shocked and overwhelmed to do anything but sit there until the door unlocked at there stood the stern Master.


Unable to move, Ariel stared at the floor for a couple seconds before Master had tried to get her up from kneeling by lifting up her shoulders.

“NOOO!!! Don’t touch me MURDERER!! MURDERER! MURDERER!!!” screamed a helpless Ariel with tears that ran from both cheeks drenching her pale innocent flesh. She ran and ran across the kitchen, through the maids and through the living room and into the front door. She opened those doors and ran some more into the pouring rain until Katrina took the little girl’s hand.

“Ariel, Ariel! What’s wrong, why were you running so fast?” Ariel only struggled and hit Katrina’s hand to loosen up the grip on her soft arms. She panicked the whole way and once she was loose she ran some more and screamed at the world

“WHY? WHY???? Why do you take momma away!! Why? Why…”

She fell onto her knees again and wept so loudly that all the maids and wives came running out.

“What now?” said Fiona. “I think she just had a nervous break down,” said Clara.

“Maybe she finally realized how pathetic she really is,” laughed Jenna. Huddled together a now destroyed little girl wept for mercy from the world. Not even Katrina could make those days better and Ariel was never the same after her mother’s death.

At the funeral, Ariel could only think of her mother’s selfish departure. She left her with nothing; without a father, without siblings, without friends, but above all she was now without a loving mother. Her mother was her only family. Not those despicable wretched women who she was family with through marriage. Nor was that sick, disgusting and fat waste of human space whom she was forced to call “Master.” Now, she thought, she was everything her step mothers said she was; a disgusting child. No, not even child. To be able to be called a child, one needed parents. She was a disgusting entity. Depressed and useless, Ariel sat in front of her mother’s grave only to hear the whining little women, disgusting selfish, wanting to depart.

“I’m bored Master!” said Clara.

“Maybe we shouldn’t waste our time with this…inconvenience Master. It’ll only take away our tea time,” Jenna said selfishly.

“Jenna’s right Master, we should leave this…sadness to poor people,” said Fiona.

That was it, Ariel had had it with this family…no with these people whom she lived with. They would no longer be a burden for her. She looked at her mother’s coffin one last time and vowed something to her that will haunt her for the rest of her life. “I will not be who you were in the past, mom. I will overcome.”



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