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Chapter 5

After her mother died, Ariel had become quite isolated and animalistic. She didn’t know how to control her emotions when ever something troubled her. She would lash out at the world for even the smallest thing like getting a paper cut. So, she mostly just spent her days locked up in her room holding onto her mother’s pillow which still held her sweet motherly scent; it was by far the only smell that reminded her to keep her sanity in her Hell.

“Ariel dear, you’re going to get a heat stroke if you don’t come out of that room,” said a very worried Katrina.

“GO AWAY!” Ariel yelled. “I said I don’t want any VISITORS!”

Katrina lost all her arguments in trying to get her out of the room. The severity of her condition finally showed when the three wives tried to cheer her up one day.

“Ariel? May we come in?” asked a gentle Clara

“Ariel dear, you need to come out of the room someday,” Jenna said

“Ariel…” started a very calm Fiona.

She sat next to Ariel on her bed and put her arm around her. “You know you have be strong, like us. Just because your mother passed away doesn’t mean the sun won’t come out anymore” she said as she tucked Ariel’s hair behind her ear.

“I mean your mother was…well how can I say this…weak. She couldn’t handle the pressure of being a wife to a rich and powerful so she was stupid to have blown herself up…”

In spite of their hatred towards her, Ariel had never struck back at them no matter the severity and cruelty of the matter. But this time was different. Ariel’s belief in her mother’s strength and courage was stronger than a bull’s horn and no one could say anything less. How dare Fiona talk so calmly about such things? This was the last straw. Just as Fiona went to tuck another strand of hair on Ariel’s lovely head, Ariel attacked her. She jumped on top of Fiona, pinning her down on top the bed and screamed at the top of her lungs just how she felt about her.

“You MONSTER! How DARE you speak that way about my mother! She was stronger than any one of you hags and had more courage than all of you combined. She was a wonderful woman, something you can never possibly be! You will never be even half the woman she was and you will NEVER speak ill of her again, do you understand, Fiona!?!?”

Ariel screamed as her body seemed to have been stronger by every word. The other women were too scared to take Ariel off of Fiona.

“Help! Help, this crazy girl is hurting me! Get her OFF ME!!” screamed a very terrified Fiona.

Suddenly, the maids come rushing in to stop Ariel and ended up getting kicked, scratched and punched by Ariel as she struggled back to attack Fiona.

“You have no idea how sadness feels,” she screamed as she struggled through the maids’ grips. “You caused my mother to feel so sad that she killed herself!”

After that incident, the Master believed that she was too animalistic to live in the house so he put her in a cold, dank, wine cellar that he had abandoned for quite some time. He believed that in here, she wouldn’t cause as much damage as she would in the house. However, this didn’t stop Ariel from having more hatred towards them and therefore she was quick to seek vengeance. At the tender age of 19, she had lived in the cellar like a feral child; away from any kind of human contact whatsoever. She had only come up for a couple occasions and food wasn’t one of them. As adolescence hit Ariel hard, the Master had become more aware of her body. By the time she was 18, she had her first taste of what her mother gone through in that bedroom. At 19, she had it happen 3 more times. In those 3 times, she vowed that she will destroy him if it’s the last thing she ever did.

She had learned to despise her birthday because she knew nothing good would ever happen on that day; it was like a curse had blanketed that world when her birthday neared. She was about to turn 20 and lived in the cellar for 7 years. However, this birthday will end like no other, but surely with sadness nonetheless. Just as Master called for her again to his bedroom, Ariel had already planned everything she would do in advance to destroy this monster.

“So, Ariel, you want to cooperate this time or should the maids tie you up for me again?” asked a pompously lustful Master. She did not speak but rather glared at him. “So I guess it’s the hard way hmm? Tsk, Tsk dear, it’s a lot easier if you just let me touch you…” he said as he caressed her young flesh.

“Don’t touch me,” Ariel said firmly yet calmly moving away from him. Now he was on top of the bed.

“You know you are just like your mother. You think you’re better than you really are when your true self is staring at your face this whole time. You are all used up…”

Ariel has heard this speech before. This was the same thing he said to her mother when she committed suicide. But this time, Ariel knew how to settle her unfinished business.

“No…” said a very calm and determined Ariel. “I am not like my mother…she didn’t take the chance to kill you. So allow me!”

She jumped on top of the bed grabbed the twin swords that hung on the ceilings, those same twin swords that taunted her the three other times she was in this very room, and swung them around two times. Three thuds can be heard right after; her feet landing on the ground, Master’s body and Master’s now decapitated head. As she inspected the damage of her actions, she wiped the blood off the twin swords put them in their casings and carried them on her back. She ran out of that house as fast as she could, without any remorse or hesitation. As she hit the lawn, she heard faint screams of Fiona, Clara and Jenna, probably from witnessing the disgusting view in front of them. Ariel smiled a little at that. She headed to the nearest hitchhiking post and headed back to Taiwan. It wasn’t long till the news of the death of Master had hit the news. Headlines throughout Shanghai had written about the debacle. But little did anyone know that the Twin Sword Warrior had just begun to leave her mark.


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