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Chapter 7

The next day at the police station, the officer was sitting at his desk in front of a computer screen, replaying the scenes of last nights encounter with the Twin Sword Warrior. He was astonished at the mere fact that he came across one of the biggest cases he had ever encountered, and yet he stopped. Like a deer caught in the headlights, he was stunned that the girl, whom he stared at for that little amount of time, could be the enemy.

“Lieutenant…Lieutenant? Hello…” another officer said as he waved his hand around the Lieutenant’s eyes.
Caught off guard, he blinked twice and stood from his seat then saluted the officer.

“Ye..Yes?” he stuttered.

“We’re examining the body now and talking to the suspects we caught yesterday from the alley, but we still don’t have enough evidence to convict Alex. Even though Mike’s unconscious, we need for the victim to give his take before we can prosecute,” the officer said in a defeated tone.

“I understand.” The Lieutenant was losing his patience.

A few years ago, he met a guy named Mike in college and became best of friends. Mike was literally his hero from the get go when he saved the Lieutenant’s life when they were walking to school one day. The Lieutenant had been too busy looking through his backpack while walking and accidentally dropped his glasses on the middle of the road. Being the clumsy boy that he was he struggled with his backpack on one arm and with his one free hand, tried to reach for the glasses.

However, it didn’t look so easy just as he dropped his backpack on the road. Mike, a few feet away, saw the poor boy and decided to help. Just as he began walking towards him, Mike sees a car rushing towards the blind boy and the driver didn’t seem like he was going to stop anytime soon. Quickly, he rushed over to the boy and pushed him out of the way. Papers flew 20 feet in the air and the sound of cracked glass can be heard from the aftermath.

After the incident, the Lieutenant had always depended on Mike as a friend, and visa versa. In college they both decided that helping people was the best way to live their lives and being the hell raisers that they were, they decided that the best way to help people and still develop some adrenaline in their blood was to become police officers. During the years in the police academy, they also met another friend; Alex.

He was always a quirky kid, but something was definitely odd about him. He often became overly protective of both the Lieutenant and Mike and had an obsessive quality to him but they didn’t mind because they thought it was natural of their new friend. After graduation, they took part in the Taipei police department and stayed together for almost 3 years, until an incident 4 months ago. They had handled a specific case Mike had been working on for years and Alex, being the man that he was, turned on both the Lieutenant and Mike. He decided to gather the glory all to himself, so he developed an underground society in which they pursued after the case. But only Mike knew of the deepest secrets in the case, so in pressure to get all the information, Alex had manipulated Mike and the Lieutenant to come to his hidden sanctuary, unaware of what will happen next.

After receiving some much needed confrontations from both officers, Alex decided that he had had enough of them and ordered his gang to kill the both of them. Just as bullets flew in the room, Mike ran towards the Lieutenant and took a bullet to the chest. Now recovering in a nearby Hospital, Mike is laying unconscious in a hospital bed holding onto every ounce of breathe his fragile body can take. He once again saved the Lieutenant’s life and this time, the Lieutenant had to return the favor…somehow.

Back in the city, Ariel had wandered around looking at the sites around Taipei. It was nearing night life and many people immersed themselves in the stores. Starving and cold, she sought shelter at the nearest shop, which was the same restaurant she stopped by the night before; “Happy Noodles.” She inspects the restaurant closely and sees a large handle in front of her face with the words “light switch” imprinted next to it. As she stepped into the room, immediately a girl with long hair and a gentle, happy face spoke to her.

“Table for one?” she said sweetly, with a smile that could light up even the darkest alleys.

“Uh…um…” Ariel stuttered. She was caught off guard by this woman.

“Table for one then,” the girl said warmly. “Grandma! Table for one!”

An old woman appeared from the back rooms and took Ariel to a seat. She was around her 80’s but dressed up a lot younger, in sweats and a jacket. She had a rough exterior and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind.

“Here dear, your seat. Rainie! Take this girl’s order before I slap the sweet right outta your face!”

The sweet girl came back to Ariel with, once again, a smile. She handed her a menu.

“Hi, my name is Rainie and I’ll be your waitress for the night. What would you like, hun?” she said swiftly, with a notebook at hand.

“Uh…um…wha…well…umm…” she said once again caught off guard.

“Don’t worry, take your time,” Rainie said with an understanding voice.

“Um I think I need a minute,” Ariel said pushing her menu forward.

“OK, I’ll come back with some tea for ya.”

As she left, Ariel sighed strongly. She couldn’t believe the pace these people were living in. Back in Shanghai, hell even in Taichung, nobody ever spoke as fast as this Rainie person and no one ran a restaurant so informally. A couple minutes later, she sees Rainie go over to another tabled filled men and talk to an old man in dark clothing. He was really old; he hunched, had a long gray beard and was bald at the very top at his head. Suddenly, she sees the men at the table all rise from their seats simultaneously. The old man pulled his face off, revealing a younger male, and screamed to the restaurant that this was a robbery. He grabbed Rainie by the arm, and pulled a gun to her head.

“Everybody cooperate, or this poor girl gets it straight in her head!”

“Please, please, don’t hurt me,” said Rainie, terrified.

“Shut up! You! Get the money outta the register! NOW” screamed the robber at old woman who took Ariel to her seat before.

Shaken up, the old woman quickly took the money out of the register and put it into a bag. From Ariel’s perspective, the old woman’s disposition changed drastically. This once strong, offensive woman turned into a quivering mess in front of her own eyes and Rainie, the girl whose smile made everyone smile with her, was crying her heart out in fear. Ariel couldn’t take the sight of the women before her; they reminded her too much of her mother and herself in the mercy of Master.

Quickly, Ariel had a devise a plan. But how, she thought. She examined the room swiftly and sees the tight rope that held the giant chandelier right above the men and she also remembers the large light switch in front of the door.

“Hurry up! What’s taking you so long?!” yelled the robber.

Suddenly a darted sword ran across the room hitting the light switch. The men were shocked and immediately fired their weapons. After a few more clicks were sounded from the guns, Ariel realizes that they were out of ammunition. It was time to make her move. The lights were up again and not one soul surrounded the robbers; not Rainie, not even the old woman.

“THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!” screamed the young man. Slowly from the side Ariel cut off the rope which rocked above the men.

“AH!” screamed one of the men.

“what the hell!” screamed another.

“THE HELL IS GOING ON?” screamed the young man. His men were encased by the chandelier and couldn’t budge.

As they were panicking, Ariel emerges from nowhere and revealed her Twin Swords.

“Let’s play shall we,” she said with a smirk.

“Who the hell are YOU?” said the young man.

“Doesn’t matter,” she said in her strong, determined voice. “You will not get away from this”

He laughed a bit. “I don’t see how I can’t” said the prideful man.

Suddenly she hears cocks from several guns in back of her and she realizes what’s she’s up against. She puts the swords back in the casings for the time being.

“So be it,” she said. And with that said, the guns set off their rounds but Ariel was able to grab hold of the rope which held the chandelier and kicked her way in the air, avoiding them all. She landed in back of them and drew her swords.

“C’mon I thought this was gonna be a challenge!” she said smirking.

As the gang of men turned around she was able to kick all the guns out of their hands and swung her swords gracefully. As they fought around the small restaurant, Ariel was able to handle most of them with ease. One man came behind her, trying to wrap a chain around her neck, but she turned around quickly and kicked him in the chest with all her might, causing him to fly across the room.

“Get HER NOW!” screamed the young man.

One after the other, each man was sent flying in every direction until Ariel was face to face with the young man. However, she was proven too weak against his strength. He was able to lock her in a choking position and threw her on the floor. Gasping for air, Ariel was now pulled down on her knees by the recovered men. In disbelief, the young man looked at his incoming victim and drew his knife from his pocket.

“See ya in hell, princess!” he said nearing her. Suddenly a gun shot was heard throughout the room. Scared, Ariel closed her eyes tightly and faced her side.

“AH!!! My hand! What the hell?” screamed the young man. He was shot in the hand by a mysterious person.

“Leave her to me…I’ll take care of her.” A dark figure came out of the shadows. He was tall, lean and had a fierce, stern look on his face. Ariel was frightened even more so.

“Yes, leader!” said all the men obediently.

They rushed out of the room leaving this new rival and Ariel in the battlefield. Slowly Ariel lifted her body from the ground and tried to regain the strength to battle this new man. She took a sword from its casing on her back and charged directly to him. But he was too quick for her. He jumped right above her and landed on the other side. Ariel swiftly swung her sword around but was caught with her other sword in the hands of the man. He took her arm and swung both swords straight to the ceiling, leaving them both unarmed.

As the swords stayed stuck to the ceiling, she was left with her own strength to defend herself now. She took as many jabs to the chest from the man and was finally kicked hard on the head. She bled from the mouth but was still determined to save her life. His smirk irritated her and therefore fueled her to go on. As she flew from one side of the room to the next, she was able to hit him pretty hard on the knees, sides and head. But neither was willing to up anytime soon.

Suddenly, Ariel spots a knife from one the tables and charges at the man. With a couple swings, she wasn’t able to get him but was able to pin him on the floor when he accidentally fell. With a knife at hand, she lunges forward and tries to stab him. Wide-eyed, he separated his legs and the knife was centered in between the wooden floor. Ariel tried to take the knife, which was plunged deep into the ground, but struggled to do so. So with this advantage, the man kicked her hands from the knife and had her screaming in pain. As tears flowed from her eyes, she held her hands close to her chest. The man surprisingly stopped fighting and got up to help her. But Ariel still in fighting mode pushed him away and threw her fists into his chest.

“Stop! What are you doing? Aren’t your hands in pain!” he yelled

“Get away from me!” she said backing away.

“You’re hurt, you idiot!” he screamed back.

“Don’t call me an idiot!” She struck one more blow at his head, but he caught her hand and yanked both of her arms toward him.

“Stop fighting back!” he screamed

“Why!” she hissed.

Getting his breathe, he spoke. “I don’t want to lose you again! The last time I did, I was barely able to stand another day. It was like a part of me was ripped right out of my body.”

“Who are you?” she scowled.

“Ariel…its me, Mike.”



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