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Chapter 19

It was bright sunny day and Rainie was quietly sipping on a cup by herself at a nearby coffee shop, thinking about her future. What next, she thought. Should she expand her own goal of becoming an architect or should she just comply with her father and run the company after he retires? Well, nonetheless it wasn’t necessary for her to think that much about it. It wasn’t like she had a choice…


It was Ariel. She was waving frantically, but still composing a very mature demeanor, at Rainie as she approached the coffee shop.

“Sorry I was late,” she apologized. “I had some things to take care of.”

“It’s fine. I just arrived myself,” Rainie said. “So, what is this ‘news’ you just had to tell me about?”

Ariel giggled a little before she spoke, “You are going to be so mad!”

Rainie yelled in disbelief, “Why do you always bring me bad news?”

“You don’t even know what it is yet!” Ariel laughed.

“Then just tell me,” Rainie said.

“Well…” Ariel began as she composed herself. “Your father and I had a little chat just before I came here.”

“It already sounds bad…” Rainie grimaced.

“That’s not the worse part,” Ariel chuckled. “Apparently he is throwing another party…”

“OH NO…NO WAY! NO! WAY!” Rainie said shaking her head fiercely back and forth. “What is up with that man and always having dinner parties?!?!? I am not going to another business social!! It will drive me insane!!! I am not going.”

“It’s not another business party,” Ariel sniggered slyly. “It’s a matchmaking party.”

Rainie’s eyes widen as she heard those 4 words pop out of Ariel’s mouth. It’s a matchmaking party…

“OH HELL NO!!!” Rainie yelled.

“I told you that you’re going to be mad,” Ariel laughed.

“This isn’t funny Ariel!” Rainie whined. “Why me!?! Why do I always have these stupid things happen to me! I hate being set up by my father. He always chooses these losers out of prep school or worse, pompous sycophant brats that work for him. Last time he set me up with one of his business associates’ son. By the end of the night he was all over me like a cheap suit!”

“Very attractive,” Ariel joked. “Your father really does know how to pick them, doesn’t he?”

“Doesn’t matter where they come from they all think they actually have a decent chance with me,” Rainie said folding her arms.

“It’s just for a night and no one is saying you have to do anything you don’t want to,” Ariel reasoned.

“I’d rather screw nails in my eye sockets!” Rainie cringed.

“Well before you do that, I have a plan,” Ariel said.

“Never mind I’ll go,” Rainie said bluntly.

“You haven’t heard my plan yet!” Ariel complained.

“Ariel, I love you, I really do,” Rainie said patting her on the shoulder. “But the last time you had a plan, I had to spend 3 days in jail next to a 200 pound walrus that was ready to make me her wife.”

“Cheryl was nice though,” Ariel said sarcastically.

“Cheryl…” Rainie said with a shudder. “Sorry but I’m not interested in your little scheme.”

“But this time my plan would really work, and I promise that it won’t go wrong,” Ariel persuaded.

“What is it?” Rainie sighed.

“Your father wants to set you up with a decent guy right?” Ariel explained. “Well…how about I set you up with someone for the party and he’ll pretend to be that perfect gentleman and he’ll be your body guard for the night just in case some guy wants to hit on you.”

Rainie thought about it for a little while. The notion of already having a suitor could probably ignite a fire within her father that couldn’t be put out. Should she be so brave as to anger him? She already knew that he wasn’t going to approve…but then again she wasn’t going to fall for just any guy he wanted to set her up with.

“That…actually doesn’t sound too bad,” Rainie said interested.

“See,” Ariel said.

“OK Miss Lin,” Rainie smiled as she rolled her eyes. “So who’s the guy you’re setting me up with?”

“Joe,” Ariel said happily.

“Mike’s roommate???” Rainie winced.

“Well I couldn’t get Mike,” Ariel explained. “He’s catering for the party.”

“That’s my father for you,” Rainie rolled her eyes. “He never wants to go outside of the box and find something new. Always uses the old ideas.”

“So…the next best thing would be his roommate right?” Ariel asked.

“But I don’t even know who he is,” Rainie whined.

“He said if ever I needed anything he would help me,” Ariel explained. “And if we ever needed his help, this would be the time.”

“Fine,” Rainie sighed. “Is he cute?”

“I thought you weren’t interested,” Ariel smirked.

“I’m not,” Rainie scoffed. “I just hope you have good taste in men.”

“He’s really tall so he’ll be able to look quite daunting to those little frat boys your father is trying to set you up with!” Ariel giggled.

“Hopefully…” Rainie said nostalgically. “Ok, I’ll go to the party, but if anything goes wrong I am LEAVING!”

“Great! I’ll tell Joe about the plan then…” Ariel said before she began dialing for Joe on her cell phone.



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