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Chapter 9

“ARIEL!!! SHOOT HIM!!” Mike yelled.

But she was afraid though, she really had no intention on killing the man in front of her. Even though she loved Mike and would protect him in every way, it was him who initiated the problem.

“Ariel! What are you doing? Kill HIM!!!” screamed an irate Mike.

“I can’t, I can’t…” she stammered.

“Just do it!” he screamed back. He was getting fiercer by the minute.

“I can’t!” She was shaking horribly this time.

“Ariel!” he screamed one last time. She was getting on his last nerves.


Ariel, trembling in fear started having a painful headache which only made matters worse as she tries to figure out whether she should do what Mike, the man whom she trusted for so long, wanted to do, or what she believed what was right. However, Mike had already stamped his way towards her, forcing her to kill the Lieutenant. Throughout this whole argument, the Lieutenant was paralyzed.

“Ariel?” he whispered. “How is this possi…he actually found her? Oh, my God…she doesn’t know he’s in the hospital…:”

“Ariel!” Mike said in a low, authoritarian voice

“Mike, don’t let me do this, please!” Ariel trembled.

“ARIEL! You have to!” screamed Mike.

“Mike, I can’t!” she trembled some more.

“YOU HAVE TO SHOOT HIM!” yelled Mike

“You don’t GOT to shoot him,” said the Lieutenant.

“SHUT UP!!!” Mike and Ariel said simultaneously.

“ARIEL!” he screamed one last time. “DO IT!!!”

Unable to stand the pressure, a shot rang from the barrel of Ariel’s gun and a dull thud can be heard seconds later. The Lieutenant lied there in front of the onlookers, unconscious and unmoving. No longer will Ariel be able to see his wonderfully innocent eyes, nor watch him gracefully walk with that perfect posture of his. No longer will she be able to look from afar and have her heart beat as fast as it did for him. No longer will she see in him, the goodness of her which was being suppressed for so many years.

Ariel, who couldn’t stand what had happened in front of her, literally throws the gun away from her hands and drops to her hands and knees gasping for air. Mike, out of breathe, grabs her by her hair, lifting her up with a scream in her throat.

“AHH!” she yelled.

“You worthless hack!” Mike hissed.

He pushed her to a corner and his men resume their position around her. She quickly feels her back for the Twin Swords but feels only her soft cotton shirt, dripping with sweat. This was it, her end.

“Looking for these?” Mike said revealing the Swords. “You know, I thought since I had the actual Ariel Lin in my possession for so long, I would have gotten more answers. But somehow…you were just another disappointment right after another. And after that despicable display of loyalty for me, I realize I really have nothing for you to do…so I’ll let my men show you how it’s done,” he said as he dropped the swords just inches away from her.

“Dispose of her body; leave nothing. I don’t want a trail here, got it!” Mike said angrily.

“Mike!” she screamed in fear and disbelief.

“…useless piece of trash!” he said breaking her heart

With an indifferent look on his face, Mike turns around and leaves her in the hands of his men. Never in her life had Mike left her the way she was right now. Hearing his footsteps becoming faint and inaudible made her chest tight and her breath harder to maintain in a consistent level. She closes her eyes in defeat, the men closes in on her and rounds of bullets can be heard afterward.



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